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National University Bangladesh has take a step to fight with Covid19. They Announce NU Covid-19 Vaccine Registration for the Students. When the whole country is fighting with Covid-19, NU Covid Vaccine Registration Link has come as a blessing for the students, staff, and teachers of the National University. The govt has taken a program of vaccinating all the students in the country to reopen educational institutions. The link is to complete application

As a part of that program, NU students need to register for the vaccine. The university authority has published a notice a few days ago where they instructed students to register for the vaccine program. The deadline for registration has also been extended for the convenience of the students who haven’t registered yet.

If you haven’t registered for the vaccine yet and don’t know how to go through it, we are here to guide you. This elaborate discussion on NU Covid vaccine registration will break everything down to the smallest and help you get the process done in a few minutes. Let’s get started.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration 2022

NU Covid vaccine registration is an initiative from the Ministry of Health to ensure vaccination for all students under the National University. A total of 2 million students have been studying in colleges across the country under affiliation with the National University.

So, it is crucial to vaccinate these students before the govt plan for reopening educational institutions. Completing registration on behalf of the students will be a difficult task for the college authority. That is why students need to individually register themselves for the vaccine. Though it isn’t mandatory to register for the vaccine, you should avail of this service to be safe.

The registration process is easy and straightforward. Students might have confused about different aspects of the process. So, we have brought a step-by-step guide where we will show you everything in detail. From the eligibility of registration to getting the vaccine, we’ll cover all the topics in one go.

NU Covid Vaccine Notice
NU Covid Vaccine Notice

Applicant Eligibility

If you are still confused about whether you are eligible for the vaccine or not, don’t worry. You will get to know that in a moment.

You must have to be a student of the National University to be eligible for the vaccine. If you read in any college that is affiliated with the National University, you will be considered for the vaccine registration. Teachers and staff will also be eligible for the registration but they have an alternative process.

No matter whether you are an Honors, Degree, or Master’s student, you can apply for the vaccine. But you need to be a running student. No alumni can apply for the vaccine.

Required Documents for Registration

As you can register for the vaccine from your home, you don’t need to submit any hard-copy of documents for the registration. But there is some information that you need to provide during the process for successful registration. Here is a list of required information for the registration process.

  • National University Registration Number
  • National Identity Card Number
  • Your Valid Mobile Number

Before you proceed to the application process, make sure you have all this information ready.

Covid Vaccine Registration Process for NU Students

Here comes the main step of the vaccine registration. After you have read the eligibility and organized all the documents you will need in the process, you can now step onto the application.

Only if you have a smartphone or computer with an active internet connection, you can easily complete the registration process. We suggest you follow these steps where we have simplified the whole process and described each detail.

  • Go to
  • A screen will appear with a header of the National University. You will find an empty text field under the header which requires Registration No. This is your National University registration no. that you got during admission. Write down your registration no. in the text field and click the Next button.
  • You will be redirected to a new page if your registration no. is correct. A form will appear with your registration no. as the title. There will also be the name and college code of your college under that.
  • Some fields of the form are pre-filled and they aren’t editable. You will find these fields in gray. These fields will show your name, father’s name, course name, session, and date of birth.
  • You just need to check whether these fields have the correct information that matches you. If it does, you don’t need to worry about these fields.
  • The first field you need to fill up is the mobile number. Enter an active mobile number that you regularly use. Further information about the vaccination like the vaccine center or date will be notified through the mobile number. So, make sure you have access to the number you are putting in.
  •  The next field is for the National ID number. It is better to have your National ID card in front of you and fill up the number. Write it down carefully so that no digit goes wrong.
  • In the next field, there will be a drop-down option to select your vaccination status. If you have already applied for the vaccine through the Surokkha website or any other medium, choose the Yes option. Even if you have been vaccinated already, you need to choose the same option. But if you didn’t do anything, then choose the No option.
  • The last field in this form is also a drop-down option. Click on it to choose your residential status. Choose whether you live in college residence or outside the college or at your home.
  • After filling in all the information correctly, click the Submit button. If everything is correct, you will get a successful message on the screen right away.

Load NU Covid Vaccine Page

How to Modify Application?

Even if you have made a mistake after taking all precautions, don’t worry. It can be corrected after submitting the application. We will show you two ways of correcting the application. Watch closely.

Through Registration Helpline

If you have an active application that needs to be corrected, you should write an email describing what you have done incorrectly and want to modify. Stating everything in the email, send it to

Once the university authority receives your mail, they will cancel your application. After your previous application is canceled, you can go to the same website again and start the registration process from the beginning.

Through College Authority

You can modify your application much easier in this process. Just contact your college authority and describe to them why you want to modify the application. They will immediately reject your application before it is submitted to the University. After that, you can start over the registration process.

To keep from these hassles, make sure you are making no mistakes during the registration process.

COVID Vaccine Registration without National ID Card:

National University is published a notice for the registration for the students those does not have National ID Card . The Covid Vaccine Registration Process without the National ID Card will start after 19th July, 2022

To register without National ID card, Visit- and follow the same guideline as before. But as an alternative method of verification, Students will need Birth Certificate Number. The just need to input birth certificate number in the place of National ID Card to complete the registration.

How to Print NU Covid Vaccine Registration Card?

After you have successfully registered for the vaccine, you will get a vaccine registration card on your screen. You need to download and print the registration card to be eligible for vaccination on the due date.

If you can’t show the registration card in the vaccine center, you might not be allowed for vaccination. So, download and print a copy of the registration card right away after registration.

Registration Confirmation SMS

If your registration is successful, you will get a confirmation SMS on the mobile number you have provided during registration. All further information will also be notified through SMS on the same mobile number. If you don’t get the confirmation SMS, you can contact the helpline through email.

Last Date for NU Covid Vaccine Registration

In the first notice that the National University published, the last date of registration was mentioned as 12 July 2022. But as the deadline was too tight, the authority has decided to extend the deadline so that all students can complete the registration.

The new deadline is 19 July 2022. So, if you haven’t registered yet, make sure you do that within this week.

How to Get NU Covid Vaccine?

If you have successfully registered for the vaccine and got the confirmation SMS, you will be notified about the vaccination center and date later. Upon notification, you need to physically go to the vaccination center on the due date to take the vaccine.

Remember, you will need to go to the vaccination center twice. Two doses of the vaccine will be given to every applicant to ensure the maximum protection against Covid-19.

Where Will be NU Covid19 Vaccine Given?

As of now, there is no certain vaccination center for NU students. But after sorting all the applications, the authority will decide about it. You will be notified through SMS about the vaccination center.

It can be your nearest vaccination center depending on your current location or permanent address. So, be prepared to go to the vaccination center as notified.

NU Covid Vaccine Second Dose

As you might already know, the Covid-19 vaccine should be taken into two doses. You can only avail of the second dose after 8 weeks of the first dose. Once you have taken the first dose, just relax and wait for the next notification for the vaccine.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

After you have taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in this program, you can go to the Surokkha website and fill up all the necessary information to download the vaccination certificate.

Keep in mind, vaccination cards and vaccination certificates aren’t the same. A vaccination card is used to take the vaccine and a vaccination certificate proves that you have taken two doses of the vaccine.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration Fee

It is great news for the students that they will get the Covid-19 vaccine for free in this program. You just need to complete the registration where you don’t need to pay any fee for the vaccine.

In any steps of the vaccination program, don’t give any money to anyone.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration Helpline

You might have already noticed the NU helpline for covid vaccine registration on the first page. But if you haven’t, here you go.

In case of any issues, you can contact This is the official helpline for NU covid vaccine registration. To cancel or modify your application or for any other technical issues, contact this helpline.

FAQ of NU Covid Vaccine Registration

This section will enlighten you about some commonly asked questions in the registration process. Take a moment to check whether your queries also match them.

What is the deadline for NU Covid vaccine registration?

The last date of registration for the vaccine was 12 July 2022 according to the first notice that has been published on 8 July 2022. But in the further notice, the authority has extended the deadline to 19 July 2022.

Is there any age limit for vaccine registration?

No, there isn’t. The only condition here is to be a student of the National University to be eligible for the registration.

Is vaccine registration compulsory for everyone?

No, it is completely optional. You can ignore the process if you have already been vaccinated. Even if you aren’t vaccinated yet, you can still remain unregistered. But for safety against Covid-19, you should register for the vaccine.

Can Degree Pass or private students register for the vaccine?

Yes. Students of any courses like Honors, Master’s, Degree Pass, professional, or private, can register for the vaccine if their colleges are affiliated with the National University.

What if I don’t find my data after submitting the registration number?

It might be a technical fault. You should try again after some time. If it doesn’t work, you should contact the vaccine registration helpline through the mentioned email or college authority for further help.

Can I register without a National ID card?

NID number is required for the vaccine registration. If you don’t have the NID card, you can contact the college authority for further information.

What should I do if I don’t find my data on the server?

Currently, the data of five sessions of honors courses are available on the server. If you don’t find your data, contact the helpline for more information.

Final Word

We tried to make NU Covid vaccine registration easier for you. This is all you need to know about the vaccine registration process. Once you are done, hurry up and complete the registration. We hope you will successfully do this and be safe by taking the vaccine at the right time.


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