Surokkha gov bd COVID 19 Vaccine Registration (Application Form)

Surokkha gov bd COVID 19 Vaccine Registration (Corona Vaccine). In Bangladesh Covid 19 Vaccine Registration official Website is Surokkha Gov BD. Government Official Website is to Registration for Covid-19 Vaccine. If You want to apply for Covid Vaccine Registration in Bangladesh, Then Bangladesh Government Along With Directorate General of Health and Services Introduce Surokkha Gov bd Website and Surokkha Mobile App to apply for Corona Vaccine for Bangladeshi citizen.

So, Through Surokkha gov bd, You can get the facilities as like complete Registration for Vaccination, To Get Vaccination Card and Certificate to Download. Bangladeshi Citizen Can Also Apply For Covid Vaccine Through Mobile Apps Named Surokkha. So, You are looking for Corona Tika Registration in BD, the App will help you to complete.

Covid 19 Vaccine Registration

Bangladesh Resume Covid-19 Vaccine Registration for the citizen After two month break. Official Says “We have resumed countrywide mass registration for Covid-19 Vaccination or Tika. The New Rule Will for General Citizen is Aged 25 and Above Can Apply for the Vaccine While aged 40 was Previous Period Minimum Age.

Do, You know Bangladesh Reached the 1 Crore mark to Complete Vaccination on July 14, 2022. However, Every People has to complete two dose of Vaccine. So, People Aged 25 and  Above Can Now Registration for Corona Tika. However, There couple of separate Registration process for different Category people. Foreign Works of Bangladesh Can Registration for Covid-19 Vaccine through Separate Category.

Covid Vaccine Registration Process
Covid Vaccine Registration Process

Surokkha Gov BD

The Government of Bangladesh Introduce For The Vaccine Registration and Covid19 Information Portal. They Also Introduce a Surokkha App for mobile user. However, Both Mobile and Desktop user can Complete Covid Vaccine Registration in BD Through and surokkha app.

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Therefore, Remember that, there are no Alternative Way or Website that can provide you corona vaccine. So, is the only Official Website from Bangladesh. So, you have to Fill up the registration form online or app by following few Instruction.

Covid Vaccine Application form
Covid-19 Vaccination process

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration in BD

we already mention that citizen of Bangladesh can Complete coronavirus Vaccine Registration in Two ways. They Can Use website or can use Apps. But, They both Process Need few Information to complete. You can use National Identity Card and passport to Registration done. Here, Only Expatriates Can Complete Registration by Using Passport.

Moreover, Registration can be completed by downloading the Surokkha apps from the website as well as Google Play Store, iTunes. After completing the registration, the vaccine card has to be downloaded, printed and taken to the designated vaccination center.

Surokkha Gov bd Application Form

However, Once you Complete the Registration Process for Covid-19 Vaccine, You Will Receive All information like Vaccination date, time and place and Others Process through Mobile Phone SMS.

Surrokkha Gov BD Application form
Surrokkha Gov BD Application form
  • First, They have to complete Registration through or Surokkha App
  • Second, They Can Check Registration Status by Provide Information like NID Card Number and Date of Birth.
  • Third, Citizens Can download Vaccine Card, to Bring during Vaccination Process.
  • Fourth, People Can download Vaccination Certificate one They Done Vaccination from Government of Bangladesh.
  • Fifth, Anyone Can Check Their Vaccination Certificate by Inter NID Card Number and Date of Birth.

Instruction for Vaccine Registration

Now, this is the part where you will get the information and detailed Instruction how to complete covid Vaccine Registration in Bangladesh. Mainly There three part to complete Vaccine Process. The process of Receiving the covid-19 Corona Vaccine are below.

Step1: Online Registration: First, you have to complete the online registration by verifying your national identity card and correct mobile number through this portal.

Step2: SMS Notification: After registering online, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone mentioning the date of vaccination and the name of the vaccination center.

Step3: Vaccination: Subject to receiving a text message on the mobile phone, you have to appear in person at the vaccination center on the specified date with the vaccine card, national identity card and signed consent form to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccine Registration Through

People who want complete Registration for Vaccination process can visit Website and Fill up the process. Follow the instructions below to register for the vaccine. Note During Registration Process you Will need NID, Phone and Information

  1. First visit
  2. Click Vaccine Registration option. (Direct Link)
  3. Select your class from the identity verification option.
  4. Complete the security check by entering your national identity card number, date of birth.
  5. You will see your information if you are eligible for the vaccine.
  6. Enter your mobile number.
  7. Provide additional Information like your present health condition etc.
  8. Enter your current address (where you want to take the vaccine).
  9. Collect the vaccine card by submitting the Form.

Registration Process for Expatriates / Foreigners

  1. Enter the Surokkha Gov BD website.
  2. Select Registration (Passport) from the top menu.
  3. Choose the class from the identity verification option (foreign nationals, expatriate Bangladeshi workers, and Bangladeshi students studying abroad).
  4. Select subcategory (if any)
  5. You can view your information by verifying your identity with your passport number and date of birth.
  6. Complete the registration with the required information and collect the vaccination card.

However, After Complete Registration, you Will Get SMS Messages For the place and  Date of delivery for the vaccine. However, you can Collect the vaccine card from the surokkha gov bd website or app.

Surokkha Gov BD Vaccine Card Download

Once, You Complete the Registration through surokkha gov bd website or App, You Can Download The Vaccination Card Through This Website. Just Provide you NID Card and Date of Birth and Download The Covid Vaccine Card To Further Reference.

  1. Access the Surokkha website or app.
  2. Enter your National Identity Card / Passport Number and Date of Birth.
  3. Complete the security check and press the Verify button.
  4. An OTP password will be sent to your mobile number.
  5. The vaccine card can be downloaded by entering the OTP code and submitting.


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