Suppose Stranger talks with you ….. Now draw a map of the way to your school

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Suppose Stranger Talks With you and he done not know where your school is. The person asks you to give direction. You Both are standing in front of your home. Now draw a map of the way to your school from home and make a dialogue with direction to your school

Suppose Stranger Talks With you

On This Assignment Task you are asked to solve The Question Which provide you as below Images.

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Stranger: Excuse me, do you have a moment?

Me: Hello. Yes, what do you need?

Stranger: Could you tell me the way to your high school, please?

Me: Oh, it’s not very far. Go along this street and you’ll come to a big crossroads. Turn left. Go along about two hundred meters, and you will see a tall building. Go past and the station is on the right.

Stranger: Got it. Go along—come to crossroads—turn left—go about two hundred meters-tall building –station on the right. Is the okay?

Me: Yeah, that’s the exact way.

Stranger: Thank you very much.


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