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The SSC Board Challenge notice has been published. SSC Result Board Challenge is an opportunity for students who want to apply for SSC Result Re-Scrutiny Application 2024. This process provides a chance for students to request a re-check of their results to ensure that they receive the right marks. During the Board Challenge process, students can apply for re-scrutiny of their examination papers in specific subjects. The respective education boards release the challenge results separately, once they receive application from students.

The SSC Result Board Challenge application process generally starts from the next day after the announcement of the SSC result by the education board. It is crucial that you keep an eye on the application deadlines.

SSC Board Challenge 2024

Every year after the SSC examination results are published, many students apply for a re-scrutiny of their answer sheets. In Bangladesh, this process is known as the SSC Board Challenge. If you feel like your results may not accurately count, the board challenge offers a chance to make the count perfect. The process for the SSC Board Challenge begins from May 13, 2024. But don’t forget, the deadline is May 19, 2024. You can apply using a Teletalk Prepaid SIM card. Keep in mind that there is a fee for every subject you wish to challenge.

Once the application period is over, the authority will look into your applied subject, and re-scrutiny results are published via the websites of the respective education boards.

SSC Board Challenge Notice

The SSC Board Challenge Notice for 2024 has been officially released in Bangladesh. If you are a student who wants to apply for a re-scrutiny of your exam results, this process will start on May 13, 2024. However, please be aware that the deadline for submissions is May 19, 2024.

To apply for the SSC Board Challenge, you will need to have a Teletalk Prepaid SIM card. The education board in Bangladesh has published their SSC Board Challenge Notice, so it is essential for you to follow the instructions provided by your board.

Here is a quick overview of the important details:

Event Date
SSC Results Published May 12, 2024
Board Challenge Application Open May 13, 2024
Application Deadline May 19, 2024
Re-Scrutiny Results May, 2024

SSC Board Challenge Application 2024

The SSC Board Challenge Application offers a chance to have your Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination results reexamined in case you believe your score does not reflect your true performance. This process is also known as SSC re-scrutiny or SSC result re-check.

To apply for the SSC Board Challenge, you need to follow the official guidelines and deadlines provided by the Bangladesh Education Board. You can submit your application using a Teletalk Prepaid SIM card.

To make your application, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name and code of the SSC subject(s) you want re-scrutinized
  • Example: BANGLA – 101, ENGLISH – 107, and MATHEMATICS – 109.
  • SSC examination roll number
  • SSC examination registration number
  • Name of the education board

Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for the SSC Board Challenge:

  1. Send an SMS to 16222 with the following format: RSC first 3 letters of the board roll number subject code(s).
  • Example: RSC DHA 123456 101 107 109 for Dhaka Education Board.
  1. You will receive an SMS with the re-scrutiny fees and a PIN number.
  2. If you agree with the provided fees, send another SMS to 16222 with the following format: RSC YES PIN contact number.
  • Example: RSC YES 785423 017XXXXXXXX.
  1. Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Following the completion of the re-scrutiny process, the SSC Board Challenge results will be published on the official website of the Bangladesh Education Board. In some cases, your re-scrutiny may result in an improved grade or GPA.

SSC Board Challenge Result 2024

SSC Board Challenge is an opportunity for students who are not satisfied with their published results. By participating in the challenge, students can request a re-check of their results in hopes of improving their scores.

In the 2024 SSC Board Challenge, a significant number of students applied for re-scrutiny. The success rate of the SSC Board Challenge is quite encouraging, with around 85% of students seeing an improvement in their average results after rechecking.

To check your own SSC Board Challenge results, use the following steps:

  1. Visit the your Respected Education Board
  2. Look into Notice section or Result Section
  3. Download the SSC Re-scrutiny Result 2024 PDF file.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the SSC Result Board Challenge application process start and end?

The application process started on Monday, May 13th, and continued until May 19th.

How many subjects can I challenge in the SSC Result Board Challenge?

There is no limit on the number of subjects you can challenge. However, if you want to challenge more than one subject, you will need to separate the subject codes with a comma when sending your SMS.

Where can I find the subject codes for the SSC Result Board Challenge?

Subject codes are usually available on your examination results slip or Admit Card.

What is the cost of applying for the SSC Result Board Challenge?

You’ll be charged a small fee for each subject you challenge. Each Subject Application Fee is BDT 150.


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