Make a list of food items you take every day as breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and Dinner

Class 8 English Assignment Answer 2022 for 6th Week. Authority has give you assignment task from Unit 2 Name Food and Nutrition. The Assignment Named is Our Daily Diet, Your Daily Diet. So, Write The Assignment task as per Instruction.

1. Make a list of food items you take every day as breakfast, brunch( a meal between breakfast and lunch), lunch, afternoon tea(a small meal you can have in the afternoon) and, dinner and, identify what kinds of food they are. For example-Protein, Carbohydrate etc.
2. Decide if your daily diet is balanced. If yes. give reasons.
3. If it’s not, explain why not.

Our Daily Diet, Your Daily Diet

Food is very important for our body. We can’t live without it. So, we must always have good food. The list of food items I take every day-

For breakfast :

  1. Ruti – Carbohydrate
  2. Egg – Protein
  3. Yogurt with fruit or nuts – Vitamin
  4. Milk – Protein

For brunch :

  1. Banana – Vitamin
  2. Bread – Carbohydrate
  3. Vegetable Rolls – Carbohydrate, Fibre
  4. Juice – Vitamin, Water

For Lunch :

  1. Rice – Carbohydrate
  2. Lentils – Carbohydrate
  3. Vegetables – Vitamin, Fibre
  4. Meat, Egg, Fish – Protein
  5. Salad – Fibre

For Snacks :

  1. Tea with milk – Protein
  2. Noodles or Pasta – Carbohydrate, Fat
  3. Biscuits – Carbohydrate

For Dinner :

  1. Rice – Carbohydrate
  2. Lentil – Carbohydrate
  3. Curry with vegetables – Vitamin, Fiber
  4. Fish – Protein


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