Karagar Part 2 Release Date, Episode, Trailer: Everything

The web series ‘Karagar’ created by Syed Ahmed Shawqi has already gained immense popularity. Its story, screenplay and dialogues have been widely appreciated by the audience. All in all, this is a web series surrounded by mystery. Most of the viewers are watching this first part and revealed Mughata. At the same time they have become very interested to know about the Karagar Part 2 Release Date.

Popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury has brought the main character to life through silence without any words. Everyone who watched the first part of the Karagar web series commented that waiting for the second part is quite difficult. However, for those who have a great interest in knowing about the second part of Karagar, this article is where to know the details about it.

Karagar Web Series

Karagar is a mystery web series. A total of seven episodes were produced to unravel the mystery of its first episode. This web series of only seven episodes can recall many serious incidents in Bangladesh. However, how many episodes the second part will be made is still unknown to everyone. However, it is believed that the creator will produce the number of episodes required to judge the importance of the mystery of the story.

As the episodes of the first part of the Karagar were very popular, it is expected that the second part will also enthrall the audience in the same way. That’s why everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of the second part. But there is no possibility of its release this year. It is likely to be released next year though the final decision is yet to be taken by the makers. Viewers are expecting that it will have episodes like the first part.

Karagar Part 2 Trailer

Just as the trailer of the first part of Karagar captured the hearts of the audience, the trailer of the second part has also been accepted by the audience. An interface of the entire story has been revealed in the trailer of the second part. Besides, after watching its trailer, the interest of the audience to watch the second part has increased manifold.

There is no doubt that Karagar has already made it to the list of most popular web series, even surpassing the popularity records of other web series.

Karagar Part 2 Release Date

There is no information available from the makers of Shaoqi when the second part of Karagar will be released. However, according to information provided by Hoichoi director Shakib R Khan, the second part of Karagar may be released next year, although no decision has been made about it yet. Its first part was published on 18 August 2022. It has received a huge response from the audience in just a few days.

The audience expressed their greatest attraction to Chanchal Chowdhury’s famous dialogue. He says that he is in prison for 250 years for killing Mir Zafar. It is a matter of considerable mystery. Not only Bangladeshi audiences but also Indians have appreciated this web series and are eagerly waiting for the second part. The team is expected to announce the second part release date very soon.

According to the director, two seasons of “Karagar” is panned out through twelve days, and it took them almost an entire month to complete the shooting. “We plan for more seasons after this”, says the director.

In response to this, Shawki simply urged the audiences to watch “Karagar” and find out for themselves.

Hoichoi Karagar Session 2

There is no end to the curiosity and interest of the fans regarding Karagar Part 2 release date. This is because Karagar part 1 is much more popular than expected. Almost everyday viewers are keeping an eye on the internet and searching to know about the release date of the second part or what is going to happen in the second part.

No information is yet to confirm when the second part of this popular web series might get a release. But those who have seen the first part are eagerly waiting. Hopefully, it will be revealed on the internet as soon as the date is released. Keeping in mind the interest of the audience, the makers are thinking of releasing it quickly. Perhaps the fans will get to meet their desired series very soon.


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