Notice – University Student Vaccine Registration is Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Link for The University Students Who Don.t have National Identity Card (NID). The Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a web link to bring all students of the country’s universities under the corona virus vaccine. Students who do not have National Identity Card can register for Covid-19  Vaccine using this link through birth registration certificate.

Students who have not yet registered for the Covid-19 Vaccine will have to complete the registration using this link by September 27th. The UGC has urged the students who do not have birth registration certificate to collect the birth registration certificate as soon as possible. In this case, the UGC has requested the concerned authorities to issue birth registration certificates to the students on priority basis. Vaccine Registration

The aim of the commission is to bring all the teachers, staff and students of the country’s universities under the vaccine by September 30. Students who are unable to register for corona virus vaccine due to lack of national identity card will be able to do so using the Univac web link. Students who have a national identity card can also use this link to register for Vaccine by connecting to the security app. The exact number of vaccinated and registered students can be found through this web link.

According to the notice, In order to prevent the spread of the global epidemic Covid-19 and to avoid health risks, the students studying in all the colleges or educational institutions can fill up the Covid-19 Vaccine Registration form through Official Website

Type of Application

  • For Non Vaccinated: If you are not vaccinated yet or registered for vaccine provide your full information. You will receive an SMS very soon.
  • For Vaccinated: If you are vaccinated 1st dose or 2nd dose provide information. You can update your dose information later.
  • Having National ID: Having National Identity Card, you can directly register website. Wait for your for SMS.
  • Having Birth Certificate: If you have no National Identity Card, still you can register for the Covid Vaccine using Birth Certificate.

University Students Vaccine Registration

The registration process is very straightforward and simple. You just need to go to the portal and fill up some necessary information. Let’s see how.

নিবন্ধন কার্যক্রম শুরু, আপনার অপশন অনুযায়ী আবেদন করুন।
  1. Browse
  2. Click on the “Register” button
  3. Provide initial information
  4. A link will be sent to the provided email address. (Please check your spam folder. If button is not working copy and paste the given link.)
  5. Click on the link (received over email), login to the system with your given password (received over email) and provide detail information
  6. If you have completed 2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccine, please provide the NID/Birth Certificate information and date of 2nd dose
  7. If you have registered for Covid-19 Vaccine, please provide NID/Birth Certificate information with probable/completion date of 1st dose / probable date of 2nd dose
  8. If you have not registered for Covid-19 Vaccine but have NID, please provide NID and get registered yourself to
  9. If you have not registered for Covid-19 Vaccine and you don’t have NID, provide information of Birth Certificate
  10. If you have not registered for Covid-19 Vaccine and you have neither NID nor Birth certificate, please obtain your Birth Certificate first and update your information in this portal using your credential

If you haven’t registered for the vaccine yet and don’t know how to go through it, we are here to guide you. This elaborate discussion on Covid vaccine registration will break everything down to the smallest and help you get the process done in a few minutes. Let’s get started.

In general, you must need to be an University Students Under UGC to be able to register for the vaccine. Through this  process students who don’t have National ID card, They can Apply For Covid-19 Vaccine Registration.

You can see that the Vaccine has sort of Storage. So, it will be better for you to jump to the next section where we will be guiding you through the steps of vaccine registration. It will take only a few moments to register on the portal. Make sure you follow along.


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