How To Change National ID Card Information

National ID Card, Bangladesh Information Correction in Online. Bangladesh National ID Card Information Change, Photo Change and New Voter Id Request. Now All Mention Option are Available Online System. Today I Will Show you, How to Change National ID Card Information, How to Change National ID Card Photo and How to Apply For New Voter. So See Below For Details Information.

At Present More then 10 Crore People are National ID Card Holder in Bangladesh and many people are Waiting For Become New Voter who become 18 Years Old. We All Know That 99% National Voter ID Card Photo are Obscure and 20% Information are Wrong. So We All want to know how to correct it.

National ID Card Information Correction

All Mention Categories Are Available By online. You Can Change All Information by Apply Online. National ID Card Information Can be Change Online if Any Wrong Information will Appeared. All Process Can be Complete by Online. Election Commission Bangladesh Has Three Options to Question in Online.

These Are –

  • Do You Want to be New Voters?
  • Want To Update The Information in You NID?
  • What are Documents Required For The NID Infor?

Now I Show you what can do you by Reading this post. Below are Summery or list About this Post

  1. Information Change
  2. Address Change
  3. Move You Voter Area
  4. Photo Change
  5. Re-Print Voter ID Card
  6. National ID Card Present Process Information

How to Change National ID Card Photo and Information

We will Describe all Step by Step by Photo and Description

National ID Card Information

At First Go To this Link Before Apply Please See Below Details Carefully

  • Fill up All Necessary Information To Complete Registration Process
  • Login with Your Card Information and SMS Verification Code (Which Will give by SMS)
  • Fill Up Information Change Form Carefully and Print it.
  • Signature Your Print Application Form and Submit Online
  • All Necessary Paper Scan Copy to Prove you Change Information. Submit Online

Now Click “রেজিষ্ট্রেশন ফরম পুরন করতে চাই” and Fill Up All Information Correctly

  • Enter Your 13 Digit NID Number. (Please Add Your Birth Day year if not Included. Example IF Your ID Card No. 1234567891000 Then Write it Like 19901234567891000, if Your Birth Year 1990)
  • Select Your Birth Date (See NID Card For Date)
  • Give Your Mobile Number Correctly (Please Write Correct No. it Will be Need For Verification SMS)
  • Enter E-mail id (But Not Necessary )

Present Address Information

Enter Present Address Division, District and Upzilla/Thana According To National ID Card

Permanent Address Information

Enter Present Address Division, District and Upzilla/Thana According To National ID Card

Login Password:

Password Must be Between 8-13 Digit Include Capital Latter and Number. (Exp: Examresultbd2015)

Now Fill up Captca Code Correctly. and Click Registration (“রেজিষ্টার”)

If All Process Done Correct Then A Verification Code Will be Send Your Mobile Number and A Option Will be found For Enter Verification Code and Submit For Registration.

Note: If Verification Code Will be not send within 2-3 Minute Then Request Again For Verification Code

If All Complete, Your Account Active now to Serve your Service. So Login Your Account. Login Option Will be Generate Automatic or Click Below Link

Now Login Your Account. To Login Your Account Enter your National ID Card Number, Date of Birth and Password (Which You give) and Select Verification Code Receive Option. How you want Verification Code to Send. and Click Next

Now See Your All Information of National ID Card. 😀 Now Choice what do you want to do. 😛 Now You Can Apply for Information Change, Address Change, Area Change and Photo Change and More………..

More Option Will be Updated Soon……………..


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  1. I have to renew my national identity card. The one that I have now is invalid because it shows my husband’s name but we got divorced in 2013. So, kindly let me know how to edit this as soon as possible.
    27 November, 2015

  2. I have successfully registered into my account. Those who are not able to register yet, please check your Permanent Address and Present Address. While trying to register into the account, it checks Permanent address and Present address with the information that was given while National Id information was collected. Try different possible Address that you think given at that time.The problem is if your address was put wrongly by EC agent, then you must have to provide that wrong address to get with online registration. You need to have an active mobile number to get the “Access Code”. Once you are registered, you can see all your information available in the database of EC and can fill out online forms. However, after filling out online forms again you will have to do the necessary payments physically in the bank and take the printouts of the forms and physically submit the form with supporting documents (attested) in the Listed EC Office. So, process is still manual and online filling up the form is not must worth of. Best of luck.

    1. How many times u’ve tried to register ? Without online is there any process to see permanent address ??

  3. Ami I’d card er address change korar jonno election office a necessary sob kagoj Porto Soho main I’d card ta joma diesilam
    Ora bolesilo 3 months er vitor ora thik Kore ene debe.but month hoye gelo, ora I’d card ta diloina.ora bole j I’d card Dhaka theke asbe kina ora kisui janena.oder office a gele khub rough behave Kore.card joma nebar ssomo150 tk. Niyesilo.ekhon ki korbo ? Kothai I’d card pabo ?

    1. @jannatul ferdous
      Apni nirbachon office gele unara khub rough behave kore ,
      Tahole apni onno kono maddhomer khoz korun ; nirbachon songkranto sokol kaz-e khub dhir gotite hoy . nirbachon office kormo kortader bebohare bohu baktie vote deyay nirutsahito hochchhen ; sorkari kormo kortara emon babohar koren , khub sohozei bujha jay unara kon matir ghore bonno matri gorve dhoray esechhen ..

  4. Election commission er ae website ti kaj kore na. keo jodi registration korte chai tahole registration korte pare na.

  5. Amar id card t hariya gese akn amak ota ponorai fire pete ki korte hobe seta janale kusi hobo ?jate hoiranir sikar hote na hoy amak sohoj poth toko bole deben plz

  6. আমার নামের কিছুটা পরিবর্তন করতে চাই।কিভাবে করতে হবে দয়া করে একটু জানাবেন প্লি

  7. আমার আইডি কার্ডের নাম ভূল দিয়েছে এখন আমি সংশোধ করতে চাই কার কাছে যেতে হবে।

      1. Amar name noman hossain but now need change only noman and date of birth 01-01-1983 korte cai. please how can I do it help me?

  8. Amar ID haria giase ami thanay jd korasi but amar id ta pine ata kivabe pete pari akto janale kusi hotam

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