Upension Gov BD: How to Register for Universal Pension Scheme

Upension gov bd is the Official Website to Registration Universal Pension Scheme in Bangladesh. A website called ‘Upension’ has been launched for the Universal Pension Scheme. Aspirants have to visit the website to register. There are a few steps to be followed while registering on ‘Upension’ website. The government is launching a universal pension program (scheme) for the people of the country. The objective of this program is to bring the citizens of the country under the pension system.

Universal Pension Scheme

Any Bangladeshi citizen between 18 and 50 years of age can apply for universal pension benefits. You have to deposit money every month, if you don’t deposit money for at least 10 years, this benefit will not be available. You will start getting pension after 60 years.

Schemes / Package

The government initially established four programs that took into account people’s occupations and social standing. One can select the Probash, Progoti, Surokkha, or Somota program depending on where they live. For enrollment in the Public Pension Scheme, individuals must submit an online application. A website called “Upension” has already been developed for this purpose at Starting on Thursday, August 17, anyone can sign up for the pension scheme through this website.

What is required to register?

National identity card number, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, bank account number, bank branch, routing number, nominee’s national identity card, birth certificate or passport number, nominee’s mobile number and own annual income should be known.

Upension gov bd Registration

One must register on the UPension website in order to be part of the universal pension program. The statement “application with incorrect information will result in cancellation of the application and deposit will be non-refundable” is highlighted in red on the registration webpage. The Public Pension Authority has been established, and the Universal Pension Scheme Rules have already been published. Additionally, the website Upension was launched today. Through this website, anyone can join the pension scheme as of right now.

Registration Step Declaration

Step 1: Personal Information

  1. Begin by reading the “agreement and condition”.
  2. Click on “I agree” after reading.
  3. Fill in your NID number, date of birth, mobile number, and email ID.
  4. Enter the captcha code and proceed to the next page.

Step 2: OTP Verification

  1. Wait for an OTP on your mobile and enter it.
  2. The next page will auto-fill some information based on your NID.
  3. Choose your profession and state your annual income.
  4. Select the appropriate department, district, and upazila.

Registration Step OTP

Step 3: Scheme Selection

  1. Choose the desired scheme.
  2. Determine your monthly subscription amount.
  3. Decide on a payment frequency: monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  4. Click “next”.

Step 4: Bank Details

  1. Indicate the type of bank account and provide the account number.
  2. If you’re unsure about the routing number, click on “Routing number not known”. The system will autofill the necessary details.

Universal Pension Bank Details

Step 5: Nominee Information

  1. Choose the ID type for your nominee: National Identity Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport.
  2. If using a National Identity Card, input the number and the nominee’s date of birth.
  3. Define your relationship to the nominee and specify the percentage they would receive.
  4. Add the nominee’s mobile number. (You can add more nominees if needed.)

Step 6: Review & Confirm

  1. Review all previously entered information for accuracy.
  2. If everything looks good, download the complete application.
  3. Confirm that all details are correct by ticking the consent checkbox.
  4. Click on “complete application”.

Universal Pension Payment Step

Step 7: Payment

  1. Review the scheme details and amount.
  2. Click “Pay”.
  3. Choose a payment method: Sonali Bank, e-wallet, Dutch-Bangla Bank Nexus Card, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or mobile banking options.
  4. Ensure not to make duplicate payments. For card payments, only input numbers that aren’t auto-filled.

Step 8: Welcome & User Creation

  1. After payment, wait for a welcome message from the National Pension Authority.
  2. Note down the provided 13-digit Pensioner ID.
  3. Use this ID to create a user account by adding a password of at least six characters.
  4. After creation, you’ll be directed to the login page.

Step 9: Personal Dashboard Access

  1. Login using the 13-digit user ID, the password you created, and the captcha.
  2. Access your personal dashboard to see pension details, including issue date, maturity date, next payment date, balance, and total deposited amount.

You cannot go back between steps after the registration process has started. If you do, you’ll need to log in again using your NID, birth date, mobile number, captcha, and OTP to start over. You won’t have to enter the information again because it will be saved from the previous time.

Multiple steps are involved in signing up for the National Pension Scheme, from entering personal information to making the final payment. Accepting the terms, inputting personal information including an NID, birthdate, and contact information, and then having your OTP verified are the first steps in the process. Participants select a scheme, enter bank information, choose nominees, and verify all information. Users receive a Pensioner ID and can then set a password for their accounts after making a successful payment. Monitoring of pension information is possible by accessing the personal dashboard. A crucial word of warning: the technique forbids going backwards between steps. If this is done, the user must start over even though previous data is preserved to make the process easier.


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