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National Identity Card in Bangladesh: How to Get NID Card in BD? Those Who want to know about Bangladesh NID Card Application System, Download and Correction, you are right place. If you want to know how to download NID card online in a short time in a straightforward way, I will request you to read today’s article carefully from beginning to end. In today’s article, I will try to give you an easy way to download NID card online.

Online ID card download will be done by those who have completed the whole process to become a voter and got the voter slip number but have not got the NID card yet. Anyone can download his NID card online by using the slip number given to them after finishing the registration for the NID card.

National Identity Card in Bangladesh

An Identity ( ID ) Card is a document which is used to verify a person’s personal national identity. This card is mostly issued in small or standard size. This card is usually called Identity Card or ID card. Bangladeshi peoples now have their own national identity card. Bangladesh Government is issuing Bio-metric Identification Card since 2008. 18 years or above Bangladeshi can have national id card and it used to obtain a passport, driving license, credit card and land ownership registration.

Moreover, if you want, you can download the Online copy of the NID card in PDF format using the slip number and use it for your various needs. Let’s talk about how to download NID card online without further ado, and I hope you will finish reading today’s article carefully and patiently and know the rules of downloading voter ID cards well.

How to Get NID Card In Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, a national personality card fills in as verification of citizenship. You can get this distinguishing proof card from the Bangladesh government authority if you are 18 years of age. You should satisfy all Curriculum authorities in the Bangladesh area by utilizing this recognizable proof card. Subsequently, an ID card or smart card is very urgent to us. Later, Bangladesh’s top mint figures out how to utilize the web framework to finish your public recognizable proof enrollment.

The political decision commission is conceding approval. You should acquire this ID card as a Bangladeshi resident. This is the ideal opportunity to get it on the web. We’ve clarified how to download this NID Smart Card Download online. Last year Bangladesh Election decided to provide an online National Identify Card copy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using these online NID copy people can able to complete all-important work.

Requirements For Apply NID Card

Here, we have updating the list of Requirements for Apply National Identity Card in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi citizens who have frequently lived in an area and are 18 years or above, but not yet registered as a voter, may register. While anyone want to enrollment the NID Card, they need to provide following Supporting Documents with the application form.

  • SSC or equivalent certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport, driving license, or TIN certificate (if available)
  • Utility bill copy, house rent receipt, or holding tax receipt (as proof of address)
  • Citizenship certificate (if applicable)
  • Attested photocopy of Father, mother, husband, or wife’s NID
  • Has to be physically present at EC premises for photo and biometric data collection

Here I’ll show how you can find your new National ID Card Number and download a full printed version pdf copy. This copy is not a temporary ID card or Online Copy, this is a real ID card. However, to Download NID Card or Check Your information, you have to complete Registration on NID Application System Online Portal at

NID Card online Registration

If you have applied for a National ID card and you have not yet received a copy or card, then if you have a slip number with your voter ID number, you can download all your information and a photocopy of your National ID card. And you can continue that. To download the NID card online in PDF format, first, you need to go to this link NID card account register and register.

1. First Step:

Now you will see an interface like the given below: Click First one Which is If you already have a National ID, then you can claim your online account. Here you will find two options- one is Claim Account, and another is Get started.

NID Registration

Since we have not opened an account yet, we will click on the claim account to register. And those who have already registered can go to the login option below and log in with your username and password. If you have not registered, they will be able to register now by following the next steps with me.

2. Second Step:

After clicking on the claim account, another page will appear in front of you where you have first to give your NID or slip number of the form, then provide the date of birth given for NID, then there will be a captcha which you have to fill then click on submit.

NID Registration Process

3. Third Step:

In the next step, you will have to select your current address, division, district, Upazila, and your permanent address, division, district, and Upazila one by one on the page. Once all are selected correctly, you have to click on the Next button.

4. Fourth Step:

You will also need to verify your mobile number on the page that will appear in front of you. You will have to give any of your mobile numbers and click on the Send SMS button. However, you must provide an active mobile number, and you have it right now. After clicking on the send SMS, the author will send a verification code to the mobile number you have given there, and you will need the code on the next page to maintain the registration process.

5. Fifth Step:

After receiving the 6-digit code, put it on the next page and click on the continue button.

6. Sixth Step:

Then you have to set a password in the form that will come in front of you, and your name must be given there. With this password, you can download your NID card by logging in to this form at any other time. So you need to set a strong password of at least eight digits here. After clicking on the set password, you will have to type a username and password twice in the interface that will come in front of you, click on the update button, and complete your account registration.

How to Check NID Card Online?

If you have completed the account registration process by following the steps given above, you have to click on this link to NID card account register again. By filling in the username, password, and captcha provided in the login option, click on login. Then a security code will come on your given mobile number with which you can log in to your account. After logging in, you will see the various information about your national identity card.

NID Card Download

Like the picture above, after logging in to the account, you will see many options like profile, resume, change password, smart NID card status, and the last chance you have is to download. You can download the soft copy of the NID card in PDF format and print it out later if you want.

Download NID Card

Check National ID Card Issue Date by SMS

By the way, Voters Can Check the Smart ID Card Distribution Date by Sending SMS From Any Mobile Operator.

  • SC (Space) NID (Space) Your 17 Digit NID Number and Send It 105 Number
  • Example: SC NID 19785432345654345 and send 105

But, If You Don’t have any NID Card But Apply For New Voter Card You Have To Send a Massage Like Below

  • SC (Space) F (Space) Registration Slip Number (Space) D (Space) yyyy-mm-dd Format Birth Date and Send It 105 Number
  • Example: SC F xxxxxxx D 1987-12-31 and Send 105

Online National ID Card Download

In the above, I have written about the process of registration on your online account and logging in. You can also quickly check your NID card by following the steps above. Checking your NID Card online is a genuinely basic strategy that will save your time and exertion. You can get to it from any device that can interface and peruse the web. Anybody can check their Bangladesh NID card online. Thanks to the digitization of the Bangladesh NID system. It will take you a couple of minutes to go through everything.

NID Smart Card Download 2022

We need to convey that by following our above suggestions, you will be able to download your internet-based duplicate NID card rapidly. I hope you have perceived how to download NID card online by reading this article. Likewise, assuming that you lose your citizen ID card, you can accept your internet-based smart card by following this cycle since this card is fundamental for proper purposes in each space.

The individuals who don’t decide to make this stride might leave a comment. We will also try to help you by giving direction in another way. We hope that you will find success in finishing this strategy. If you have any inquiries or want to find out more, kindly leave a comment below.


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