SSC English Short Suggestion 2022: Eng 1st & 2nd Paper

SSC English Short Suggestion 2022 PDF For English 1st and English 2nd Paper. English is a scary subject for SSC aspirants. Both English Paper I and Paper II should be read with equal attention. A particular suggestion should be followed to get the best preparation before the exam. So if you are looking for SSC english suggestion 2022 then this article is for you. Here the necessary suggestions and advice for both English Paper I and II will be provided.

Hopefully, this article will be especially helpful for weak students. Students of all boards in Bangladesh study according to this advice. If you do, you can expect to score a good mark. But you have to remember that the preparation of the two parts are interrelated.

SSC English Suggestion 2022

There is no substitute for reading comprehension for good preparation in English. You have to read each part carefully. Whichever suggestion you follow you must first solve all previous year board questions. This will give you a better idea of ​​what kind of questions will come. Besides, there is a possibility to get some common questions from previous year questions. Apart from this, the test questions of reputed schools and colleges should also be solved.

Exam preparation will go a long way by solving previous year questions and questions from top local schools and colleges. Particular attention should be given to the questions of the particular cadet college. Only board questions can be followed for the rote part.

SSC English Short Suggestion Download

A short suggestion can be followed to improve English. But before reading the short suggestion, you must complete the big suggestion. 100 marks have to be answered within 3 hours which is not possible by following only a short suggestion.

Currently many websites have published short suggestions for the SSC exam. You can follow any one. But first of all don’t forget to solve all the board questions.

SSC English Question Pattern

As an examinee you must have a good idea about the question pattern. Go through the question patterns again and again, practice at home if necessary. The best advice in this case is to set a safe time for each question. You have to practice answering each question with unlimited time.

One of the reasons for not getting good marks in English is fear and lack of understanding. But there is no reason to fear here. You need to spend enough time to understand each and every thing. A total of 12 questions have to be answered in the English first paper. There are some creative parts and memorization parts. The written parts can be memorized but the answers to the creative parts must be thought through.

English 1st Paper Suggestion:

First paper will have two parts seen and unseen. The instructions for the answers to the seen part will be given in the question itself. So you have to have the ability to find them. The questions that will be from the passage seen can be answered from the passage. For this the whole passage should be read carefully several times. After answering the questions related to the passage, now move to the unseen part.

Seen passage (Q1-3)
1. Facebook is a directory of photos………into a curse.
2. A responsibility is duty……….. ***
3. Bangladesh is called……….. ***
4. Mans is social ……… ***
5. The importance of learning English.

Unseen passage (Q4-5)
1. Mother Tereas is a dedicated soul……..
2. Albert Einstein was one of the greatest……. ***
3. Hazrat Ali (R) was bron in……..***
4. Kazi Nazrul Islam is our …………***

Paragraph Writing :

  • National Flag
  • School Magazine
  • Load shedding
  • Tree Plantation
  • Traffic Jam
  • A book fair
  • The International Mother Language day
  • Climate change
  • Internet
  • Environment Pollution***

Completing Story Writing:

  • A liar shepherd
  • Unity is strength
  • A thirsty crow
  • The fox without a tail
  • Robert Bruce.

SSC English 1st paper question

Describing graphs & charts
1. Literacy rate of Bangladesh in different years…..
2. Results of different exams……
3. Population growth…..
4. Internet and Facebook users……
5. Average temperature in Bangladesh

Informal Letter Writing:
1. Congratulating him on his brilliant result***
2. Importance of learning English***
3. Invitation birthday party
4. About your aim in life
5. Describing a road accident***

Dialogue Writing:
1. Necessity of reading newspaper***
2. A doctor on your suffering from fever***
3. Eradication of illiteracy
4. The importance of reading newspaper
5. Planning after the SSC Exam

Answer 3 questions based on Unseen passage. Even if the passage is unseen or uncommon, the answer instructions will still be there. In this field also the entire passage should be read carefully several times. One of the most important questions here is where to write the summary. It must be answered in the light of the whole passage. How well you do in the Unseen part depends on practice.

English 2nd Paper Suggestion:

For English Paper II you can follow any of the suggestions but here too creativity matters. In this case, grammar should be practiced very well. Most of these name distributions are for grammatical items. Therefore, grammatical items should be given considerable importance.

Grammar (Q1-11)
Every student should to practices grammar.

CV Writing(12)
1. For the post of Marketing Manager
2. For the post of English Teacher
3. Post of Medical Representative
4. Post of computer operator
5. Post of Library Assistant.

Formal letter/Application(13)
1. Prayer for seat in a school hostel
2. Prayer for relief flood affected people
3. Prayer for go on a study tour
4. Setting up a canteen
5. Prayer for a testimonial

Paragraph writing(14)
1. A Tee Stall
2. A Rickshaw Puller
3. A Rainy Day
4. A Moonlit Night
5. Early Rising

Short Composition(15)
1. Modern science
2. Student life

For essays, applications and other written parts, you can read according to an unsolicited suggestion. It has the highest chance of getting common. Besides, it is possible to get common even if you have completed previous years board reading.

How to Get Higher Marks in English:

Getting good marks in English requires overcoming fear and practicing more. After finishing a big suggestion, go to a short suggestion. A standard preparation is not possible if you suddenly follow short suggestions.

Hope you have learned enough about upcoming SSC exam preparation. If you study accordingly, you can get good marks. Besides, fear should be overcome through more practice.


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