Primary School Short Syllabus 2022 | Yearly Class Plan Details

Primary School Short Syllabus 2022 Published For 9 Month Yearly Class plan. The Authority Publish Primary Class 1 Short syllabus, Class 2 Short Syllabus, Class 3 Short Syllabus, Class 4 Short Syllabus and Class 5 Short syllabus. They Will Also Published PSC Short Syllabus 2022 Later. As you know, it is high time to re-open educational institutions. Due to the COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh, all the educational institutions closed from March 2022. For that reason, Department of Primary Education, Ministry of Education tries to open the institutions with Primary School Yearly Class plan Syllabus 2022. It is a mind-blowing decision of the government to run the education system.

They give a proper plan from March 1 to November 30, 2022 with the holiday, educational material, and examination date. It is the yearly plan for the Primary School tudents and the educational institutions. The authority tries to reduce almost 30% of the main syllabus. To know the short syllabus, go through up to the last word.

Primary School Short Syllabus 2022

In the first week of 2022, Bangladesh Government provides a new book among the primary level students but the educational activities remain close. To run the education system, the authority initiates Primary School Short Syllabus Plan that is helpful to do the educational activated in a limited manner. You will find this on the Department of Primary Education official website and here.

Primary School Yearly Class Plan 2022

Primary School Yearly Class plan starts from March 01 to November 30 with day-to-day activities of classes 1 to 5. In this plan, they include the class, lesson, subject, exam, and holiday. For that reason, it is helpful for students and teachers. In this plan, we can see the subject-wise topics for the student to learn and it is the basic plan for the students that will continue their study without any kind of disruption.

The exam schedule is also given with a dateline. The 1st term examination will be held from April 1 to 12 and the 2nd term will be held from August 7 to 20. The final exam will be held within December. This distributed Primary School Short Syllabus 2022 gives a clear vision to both the students and the teachers.

Download All Class Yearly Class Plan

Class 1 Short Syllabus

The nine subjects will be taught in the short syllabus plan with Bangla, English, Mathematics, Bangladesh & Global Studies, General Science, Islamic Studies, Arts & Crafts, Cultural education, and physical education & health. The full book will not cover but the main topic should touched with the examination.

In the plan Bangla has 58 lessons, English has 30 units, math has 10 lessons, and other subjects with topic-wise. If you go through the plan you get an idea about the subject and topics with day and date.

Download All Class Yearly Class Plan

Class 2 Short Syllabus

As Class 1 short syllabus plan, there will teach nine subjects with proper guidelines. From Class 2 to 5, they divide the book into chapter-wise with the page number. For that reason, a student should not go through the whole book. The selected chapter and page number should read for the examination.

Class 3 Short Syllabus

As the up-gradation of the class, the content of the syllabus enriched with more chapters and topics but the nine subjects should read. In class 3, the educational authority mainly gives focuses on Bangla, English, Math, and Science. In the Primary School Short Syllabus 2022 plan these subjects are enriched with more chapters than other subjects.

Download All Class Yearly Class Plan

Class 4 Short Syllabus

As we know Class 4 is the previous session of the Primary School Certificate examination, the government provides more focus on Bangla, English, Mathematics, Bangladesh & Global Studies, Science, and Religion. They reduce 30% of the main syllabus due to no class occurred for the corona situation.

In the Primary School Short Syllabus Plan 2022 of Class 4, the authority try to touch all the chapter with selective topics that the student will not hamper in the next level education. That will help for the PSC examination of the students.

Class 5 or PSC Short Syllabus 2022

It is undoubtedly that Primary School Certificate is the most important certificate for the students in the initial stage of their life. For that reason, government affords more focus on the six subjects, mentioned Bangla, English, Mathematics, Bangladesh & Global Studies, Science, and Religion.

In the Primary School Short Syllabus Plan 2022 they try to touch all the chapters with selective topics with the page number to short the syllabus for the Class 5 students. It is helpful for the students to seat for the PSC examination appropriately.

Why Authority Publish Short Class Plan

It is a long time that the students are de-attach from the institutional education system for the corona situation of Bangladesh and it is tough to say when the Covid-19 situation will cure properly. For that reason, the government takes an innovative decision to initiate the Primary School Short Syllabus plan to run the educational system of Bangladesh.

This short syllabus gives a new start-up for the educational system in the corona situation. Otherwise, the system will collapse, and the students don’t get any hope for their studies. The Primary School Short Syllabus Plan 2022 is a proper guideline as the government published.

Last Word

Now we are at the end and it is time to study with the short syllabus plan. Finally, we can say that we should go through the Primary School Short Syllabus 2022 at first and make a proper strategy with that for better education.


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