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Getting a college of choice is important for admission to class 11th. After passing, SSC students applied for admission to class 11th, and the result is published accordingly. However, the college choices given by students while applying often do not yield results, which leaves students disappointed. However, you don’t have to reluctantly join a college you don’t want to join, as there is an option to cancel the admission. From today’s article, you will know about HSC admission cancel system.

You must follow a prescribed procedure for cancellation of admission. Many of those who did not get a chance at their desired college still do not know enough about the admission cancellation process. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get into the college you’ve been offered; cancel it with a few steps. Hopefully, this article will cover the primary information related to this.

HSC Admission Cancel System:

For those who apply for college admission, results are published in several merit lists, where many get admission to their desired college. If you have got a chance in a college where you don’t want to get admission then you must apply for cancellation of admission. Generally, if the admission confirmation is not done on time, then the result of the merit list is considered invalid. In this case, you don’t need to cancel separately.

After passing SSC, students start their college life. Since this is their first time in college, they have many dreams. Even students choose their colleges in advance and apply accordingly. So not getting admission to the preferred college can be a bit disappointing for them. But don’t despair, you may get admission to your desired college but definitely not to any college where you didn’t want to get admission. Instead, you must cancel this admission.

There are Two you can Apply for Cancel your HSC / Xi Class Admission.

  1. Submit Application to Your Admitted School to Cancel Your Admission
  2. Submit Application to Board, Which School You Admitted Under the Education Board

Who Can Apply For Cancel Admission:

Those who have got the 11th class admission result through the merit list but did not get a chance in the desired college can cancel their admission if they want. You must apply online for admission to your preferred college. But remember, if you have confirmed admission to any college, then this application should not be applied as it is less likely to be effective. If you don’t confirm admission to the offered college, then it will be canceled automatically; you don’t need to do anything again.

Getting admission to the preferred college is a dream of every student. But sometimes, this dream can be difficult to fulfill. As it is determined based on the results of previous exams, a college will offer you admission based on your merit. Never confirm admission in a college in which you don’t want to get admission on someone’s advice, rather, keep trying patiently because there is still a chance to get admission to the college of your choice.

How to Apply?

A process should be followed for the cancellation of class XI admission. In this case, you will probably get three application opportunities. If the first application does not work then the second step must be applied for migration. Try almost all three steps like this. You will succeed in either step. You must visit the official website to apply. You can do this yourself at home with an internet connection and a smart device.

After entering the website, you will get a form where you have to provide the prescribed information. Here you need to provide some correct information regarding your exam. You will also need to provide some personal information. Submit it after putting everything correctly.

How to Submit and Confirmation:

Submit after entering all the information correctly in the prescribed form, but the process does not end there. On the next page you need to submit some more information. Remember this form needs to be absolutely accurate. Providing any incorrect information may cause your cancellation process to fail. There are many who have secured admission to a college by mistake.

For them, of course, the process can be more difficult. You have to appear in person at the Board of Education and cancel this confirmation with valid reasons. So it is best if you proceed properly and don’t take any decision in haste. Know your decision before confirming admission to any college and take action accordingly.

Instruction for All Education Board:

It doesn’t matter which board you pass SSC from, the same rule of cancellation of admission applies to everyone. But in this case, if there is any different instruction of your designated board, you have to follow it. But it is assumed that there will be same rules for all the boards. In almost all the boards of Bangladesh there are cases where students don’t get chance in their desired college and try to cancel the admission.

So there cannot be one rule for each person. In this regard, the instructions of all the boards are the same. However, before making a final decision, be sure to know the guidelines of the board you belong to. Remember that the right process will make it easier for you to get a chance at the desired college.

Things to Remember:

A few things must be kept in mind before applying for cancellation of admission as they will help to avoid possible mistakes. If you don’t confirm the admission it will be canceled automatically. But there are certain considerations to keep in mind when you apply. In some cases you need to be physically present at the board.

If you want, you can talk to the board authority over the phone beforehand. Every board in the country has helpline, you can call there and after talking to the board you can solve your problem. But you must do these processes within the stipulated time otherwise the new class will start in which you will be late to participate.

Although the above is a lengthy discussion, you may find each section useful. After SSC pass admission to the desired college depends on the pace and interest in the study. So if you don’t get a chance in your preferred college then don’t be disappointed because you have a chance to get admission to your desired college through HSC admission cancel system. You just follow the above process properly.


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