Tiktok’s 163 Year Old Man – [Is It True?] Who is Luang Pho Yai?

Tiktok 163 Year Old Man: Every moment there are tons of content share on social media. Recently, A video gone Viral on social media after a tiktok users “auyary13” has shared videos of her elderly Fathers. In February, huge rumors and content share about that video and everyone said he is 163 old man. Many user of tiktok and others social user came across that video and images and started the rumor, the monk is 163 years old who is monk in Thailand.

Popular explanations say that the human was 163 years old, almost 40 years old older than the oldest human ever documented. According to Guinness World Records, the oldest “fully authenticated age” any human has ever reached is 122 years and 164 days.

Who is TikToks 163-year-old man?

The Tiktoks user ‘Aurayary13’ shared videos of her father in November 2021 who has been claimed to be a Monk living in Thailand. That individual’s videos went viral in January 2022, inciting gossips about the individual’s age.

TikTok introduced its oldest star when her daughter, @auyary13 , posted a long video on YouTube a years ago. The first video to gain popularity was just something she did on the way to her father, who had been sitting on a couch at the time. Her father smiled, and they embraced.

Tiktoks 163 years old man
Tiktoks 163 years old man

But, as per our research, this video does not show a 163 Year Old Man or does not he practicing Sokushinbutsu. This viral video shows an old man, his name is Luang Pho Yai, and his age is around 109 years.

163 Year Old Man Viral Video

This is the first Auyary video in which the man appears to be different from your ordinary uploads. He still has hair, and his face appears more filled out as well. Later on videos share a similar individual, though with much less hair and even thinner limbs. He appears to be constantly struggling health risks later on.

Is he really 163 years old?

Tribal legend soon spread on the app that Auyary’s father is 163 years of age. It didn’t take long for his daughter to prove that his claim was incredibly exaggerated, however, and told her that he has only 109 years. Still an incredible age, by any account, but not the longest-lived of the great and the good.

Auyary has made several music videos that attracted millions of views. Her most popular video, featuring her father holding a child’s head, has over 74 million views and dozens of comments from grateful fans.

A few days ago, a viral video spread on TikTok, which stated that a monk named Luang Pho Yai was the oldest man in the world. The video went on to talk about how Luang was performing sokushinbutsu, which is a period of time during which self-mummification is carried out and was 163 years old.


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