Today Iftar Time Bangladesh – Ramadan Calendar 2022

Today Iftar Time is most Search topic in internet during Ramadan. During the blessed month of Ramadan, knowing about today Iftar time Bangladesh is a must for the Muslims in our country. Everyone should complete their Sawm and eat their Iftar with utter gratitude towards Allah. We have provide you iftar and Sehri time. The time table based on Islamic Foundation. Sehri Iftar timings 2022 । If you are not from Dhaka District, Please choose your district name from the selection area above to get the right timing.

We have the Ramadan calendar that tells you about the exact time of Iftar each day. Without any further ado, let’s check it out right now.

Today Iftar Time Bangladesh

Ramadan is the month of blessing from the almighty Allah and this is where Muslims have to fast from morning till evening which is called Sawm. Sawm is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, and it’s the duty of every Muslim to take part and complete Sawm.

Iftar is the part where they eat food after the whole day of fasting. This is definitely the gift of Allah for everyone and it’s like a celebration as well.

Today Iftar time Dhaka

But iftar time is not the same every day and it can even be different based on your location as well. That’s why it’s important to know the iftar time of every day based on your division.

Ramadan Iftar Calendar 2022

As we mentioned earlier, the time of iftar is not something that’s fixed. It can even change according to the place you are in right now as well. Luckily, a Ramadan Iftar calendar can help you with that.

We have the perfect Ramadan Iftar calendar for you that has all the information you need sorted out in one place. So, you can take a look and learn about the exact iftar time at a glance. That’s quite convenient and you should definitely use that to your advantage.

We have updated Ramadan calendar 2022 based on information of Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh.

Ramadan April/May Day Sehri Last time
as warning
Fazar Waqt
Start Time
First Ashra of Ramadan – Mercy
01 03 April Sunday 4:27 am 4:33 am 6:19 pm
02 04 April Monday 4:26 am 4:32 am 6:19 pm
03 05 April Tuesday 4:24 am 4:30 am 6:20 pm
04 06 April Wednesday 4:24 am 4:30 am 6:20 pm
05 07 April Thursday 4:23 am 4:29 am 6:21 pm
06 08 April Friday 4:22 am 4:28 am 6:21 pm
07 09 April Saturday 4:21 am 4:27 am 6:21 pm
08 10 April Sunday 4:20 am 4:26 am 6:22 pm
09 11 April Monday 4:19 am 4:25 am 6:22 pm
10 12 April Tuesday 4:18 am 4:24 am 6:23 pm
Second Ashra of Ramadan – Forgiveness
11 13 April Wednesday 4:17 am 4:23 am 6:23 pm
12 14 April Thursday 4:15 am 4:21 am 6:23 pm
13 15 April Friday 4:14 am 4:20 am 6:24 pm
14 16 April Saturday 4:13 am 4:19 am 6:24 pm
15 17 April Sunday 4:12 am 4:18 am 6:24 pm
16 18 April Monday 4:11 am 4:17 am 6:25 pm
17 19 April Tuesday 4:10 am 4:16 am 6:25 pm
18 20 April Wednesday 4:09 am 4:15 am 6:26 pm
19 21 April Thursday 4:08 am 4:14 am 6:26 pm
20 22 April Friday 4:07 am 4:13 am 6:27 pm
Third Ashra of Ramadan – Safety
21 23 April Saturday 4:06 am 4:12 am 6:27 pm
22 24 April Sunday 4:05 am 4:11 am 6:28 pm
23 25 April Monday 4:05 am 4:11 am 6:28 pm
24 26 April Tuesday 4:04 am 4:10 am 6:29 pm
25 27 April Wednesday 4:03 am 4:09 am 6:29 pm
26 28 April Thursday 4:02 am 4:08 am 6:29 pm
27 29 April Friday 4:01 am 4:07 am 6:30 pm
28 30 April Saturday 4:00 am 4:06 am 6:30 pm
29 01 May Sunday 3:59 am 4:05 am 6:31 pm
30 02 May Monday 3:58 am 4:04 am 6:31 pm

Using the Ramadan calender that we provided will definitely help you plan out and manage your time better. So, make sure to grab your copy of the Ramadan Iftar calendar from our website right now and save it on your preferred device.

Dhaka Division Iftar Time

If you are looking for the accurate Dhaka division Iftar time, our calendar has the most accurate information for you. You can check it out every day to see what’s the iftar time of that day. And as it’s right in front of you, you can check out the Iftar time of later days as well.

So, make sure that you use the calendar that we have on our page to check out the Iftar time of the Dhaka division. It’s very conveniently sorted out for you.

Chittagong Division Iftar Time

Chittagong Division’s Iftar time is not the same as Dhaka and there’s a slight difference in time when it comes to these two divisions. But, you can simply use our calendar to check out the Iftar time of Chittagong.

You don’t have to worry about the difference in time or anything like that as you can simply check out the Iftar time at a glance from the calendar.

End Thoughts

The month of Ramadan is a blessing from Allah for all Muslims. And everyone should do their Sawm and all the other good deeds with gratitude towards the almighty.


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