SSC Result 2023 PDF With Full Marksheet Number

SSC Result 2023 PDF Marksheet Download With Number and Equivalent Results Has been release. Students who appeared for the SSC exam 2023 are eagerly waiting for the result. This year 20 lakh 21 thousand 868 people participated in the examination. Candidates who have prepared best are hoping for a good result. According to various sources, the SSC result 2023 may be released by the end of July and permission has already been sought from the Prime Minister to release the result on July 28.

If she gives permission, the results will probably be declared on the same day. But it won’t be too late even if not allowed, students will get their much awaited results by 28 July. Results are usually published within 60 days of the completion of the examination. As such, the result will be declared within a few days of the end of July. Although no official date has been revealed, you can rest assured that it won’t roll out until December.

SSC Result 2023 PDF

Every student eagerly waits for the result after the exam. The results are as expected by some and not as expected by others. However, this is the students’ first board exam as the previous board exams are no longer conducted. That is why they have enough curiosity about the results. Students keep searching the website when these results are published, but there is no need to rush.

As many students will try to check the results on the same day and at the same time, many will not be able to access. But you should be patient for some time to get it. But there is not only one way to see the results, but there are several other ways that you can try. In today’s article you will know comprehensive information about these. You should know all the ways to get quick results.

Download SSC Result 2023 Marksheet

SSC candidates are eager for the result since the exam is over. Candidates have always been worried about the SSC exam 2023 as the exam has been held in many fall due to Covid-19. However, after much speculation, they managed to appear in the exam. There is great excitement in the minds of the students and they are constantly searching for the result release date.

Although everyone is expecting that the results will be declared by July itself, nothing can be said without the official announcement. As the results are released after 60 days of the examination, July is considered as the ideal time. If the Prime Minister agrees to the proposal, you can expect to get results by July 28. The final result will be declared as soon as the instructions of the Prime Minister are received.

How To Check SSC Result?

If you want to get the SSC result in the fastest time then you must follow the right method. As mentioned earlier there are several methods to see the results, you can follow any one. Although it is quite difficult to see results at once as many people will try to see, still with the right process you will be able to see faster.

If you want to check the result online then you have to check through the official website. In this case you can see your result using roll registration after entering the website. The advantage of checking the result from the website is that here you will get a result sheet with marksheet.

But initially the website may not show it due to server related issues. But there is no reason to despair. You keep trying for a while. After entering the website, search after putting the year, board, roll, etc. information in the right box. You can probably see the results.

Education Board Results

As the education board has already announced the result release date, you are probably very worried about the result. A large number of students from various boards participate in the SSC exam every year. But due to covid the previous year exam was not held. But this year the students got the opportunity to participate in the exams and they gave the exams as well as they could.

  • Firstly, visit Educationboardresults gov bd
  • Secondly, Select Examination as JSC/JDC or, SSC/Dakhil or, HSC/Alim or, DIBS
  • Thirdly, Select Exam Year
  • In this section, Select Education Board Name
  • Now, Select Result type as Individual
  • Enter Roll Number
  • Registration Number (Optional, You can keep it Blank)
  • Enter Security Key
  • Finally, Click Get Result Button.

It is expected that the results this year will be better than other years. Results of all education boards in Bangladesh are released on the same day at the same time. As a large number of students appear for this exam, time is needed to prepare for the release of results. But that time is almost near because all the board results are already finished. However, subject to the directives of the Prime Minister, the wait for the candidates is going to end on July 28.

Web Based Results:

Most common way to get SSC Exam Result. In this case, you have to go to the official website of the Ministry of Education. If you have a smart device and an internet connection then you can easily see this result. But as soon as it’s released, you’ll probably have some difficulty accessing the website because other students will be trying at the same time.

  • First, visit this website
  • Then select from SSC/Dakhil/equivalent options
  • Then select exam year 2023
  • Select your education board
  • Now select the Individual Result option
  • Then type your SSC roll number
  • After giving the roll number enter the 4-digit security key in the box
  • Finally, click on Get Result button
  • Now you will see your result

But keep trying after some time. You will not get the marksheet as soon as the result is declared, for which you have to wait at least three hours. But you will know initially how many points you got on average. You can know your result only after entering the website and submitting the exam name, roll, registration, etc. at the designated place. You can also visit the website of your division education board.

How to Check SSC Result by SMS:

When viewing results online seems troublesome for you, there is an easiest way. You can check SSC Exam Result through SMS. It doesn’t matter if you can’t access the website or don’t have a smartphone to browse the internet. You can get results by sending SMS by following just few steps.

But you must pay a charge for sending SMS from the phone. However, you may need to wait a few seconds after sending the message properly. Since many people will try sending messages on this day, it may take a minute at most. However, before sending the message, please recharge the mobile.

But many may not know how to send messages from phone. Its method is very simple. Go to the message option of the mobile and type SSC then enter the upper case of the first three letters of your board with a space. Now again enter roll number with space and exam year with space. Once it is done send it to 16222.

To check the result of the SSC exam by SMS, first, go to the message option on your mobile. Then you have to type SSC<space> First three laters of exam Boardname<space> Exam Roll <space>Exam Year and Send 16222 Number.

Example: SSC DHA 647873 2023 send to 16222

Download SSC Result 2023 Marksheet:

Candidates usually want to see the narksheet along with getting the preliminary results of the exam as it allows them to see the marks obtained in various subjects. Usually in individual result you will be able to see the result along with the marksheet.

When want to check your SSC result with marksheet and if you have a smart device then enter the official website without delay and you will get a designated box where you have to enter some necessary information. Fill in the information in the given space, and submit. You will see the result along with the marksheet.

  • First, visit this website
  • Then select from SSC/Dakhil/equivalent options
  • Then select exam year 2023
  • Select your education board
  • Now select the Individual Result option
  • Then type your SSC roll number
  • After giving the roll number enter the 4-digit security key in the box
  • Finally, click on Get Result button
  • Now you will see your result

All Education Board SSC Result:

The SSC exam results of all the boards across the country will be released simultaneously. So you have to wait for the same day irrespective of the board from which you appeared for the exam. Even the rules for checking the results of all the boards are the same. So you can follow any rule mentioned in the article. Even if you have appeared for SSC 2023 from Madrasah Board then same rules apply for you.

Dakhil Result:

Like other boards, many students appeared for the entrance examination under the Madrasa Education Board. The results are also published on the same day. The pass rate of madrasas is quite satisfactory and the pass rate in Dakhil examination every year is very high. Hopefully, this time will not be an exception. If you have appeared from madrasa board then don’t be disappointed as you don’t have to go through any difficult procedure to check the result.

SSC Vocational Result:

Those who appeared for this year’s SSC exam from Vocational may have questions about how to check the result. Among all the Boards of Education, one is the Board of Technical Education under which a large number of candidates appeared in this year’s examination. But its result will also be declared on the same day and you must visit the official website to check it.

Dhaka Board Result:

If you are a student of Dhaka board then you can check the result very easily. In this case, the results can be seen both on the website or through SMS. But if you look through the website then you must select Dhaka instead of the board. Besides, you have to check whether you are writing the name of the board correctly in the field of viewing through SMS. However, you can check the result by visiting Bangladesh Education Board as well as Dhaka Education Board website.

Barisal Board Result:

Did you participate in the SSC exam from Barisal Board? Best of luck to you as Barisal board has quite satisfactory pass rate every year. Like other boards, Barisal board will also publish SSC results on July 28. So you have to know the ways to see quick results from now. You can find your result through mobile sms or website.

Comilla Board Result:

Students have high expectations for Comilla Board Result. They are exploring different avenues besides waiting for results. If you want to get quick results then follow the right way. For quick result check online visit the official website of the education board and check the result by providing unsecured information. Checking Comilla Board Result is very easy, so no need to worry.

Chittgong Board Result:

SSC candidates of Chittagong Education Board can get the result along with marksheet from With the help of an internet connection, you can easily access the website from a smart phone or computer browser and view the results quickly. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a smart device or you are not interested in viewing the results online. You can also check the result from your mobile phone through SMS within a short period of time.

Dinajpur Board Result:

Many students are waiting to know Dinajpur Board Result 2023. It is very easy to know the result of this board because like other board they also have an official website where the result will be published. All students of Dinajpur Board will get result through this website. This year more than one and a half lakh candidates appeared for this exam. If you find it difficult to get the result from online then you can also send SMS.

Jessore Board Result:

Many candidates from Jessore board also appeared for this exam in 2023, so they are also waiting for the results. Pass rate of Jessore board is quite good, but how it is this year will be known only on July 28. The results are already prepared for release. You can check the result from Jessore Board official website. Besides, by sending SMS from the phone, you will know how you have achieved the result.

Mymensingh Board Result:

This time more than 90 thousand students from Mymensingh board participated in the SSC exam. The board authorities have already announced that the result of Mymensingh board will also be published on the same day as other boards. Hope you know about the rules for checking results of different boards. If you are a student of Mymensingh Board then follow the same process without any worries.

Rajshahi Board Result:

Are Rajshahi Board Exam Aspirants Worried How To See Result? There are many ways to see results in a very quick and easy way, so follow any one. Checking the result from the website is very easy and you will get the result along with the marksheet. But showing the result through SMS is a good idea if you are not comfortable with online management.

Sylhet Board Result:

To make it easy for the Sylhet board exam candidates to get the result, the SSC result on July 28 is published on the official website of the board. So candidates can know their result at home. Not only the personal result but also the result of your educational institution can be known through the website. You will also get the marksheet. So keep trying to see the result on the website on time.

Institute Based Result:

You will see the institution based result at the same place as your personal result marksheet on the webpage. In this case you can see the result of your desired institution using EIIN number. But before that you must know the EIIN number of your educational institution. Here you can see the results of all the students of your institution. But you will not get the marksheet this way.

SSC Grading system:

Do you have detailed knowledge about SSC grading system? One must have a clear idea about Falfowl before getting it. Since the 100 marks exam was not held this year, many people are wondering how the marks will be distributed in this exam. Subject-wise tests are usually taken for 45, 50 and 55 marks, so grades will be determined based on these.

Basically these will be averaged out. In case of examination of 45 marks, the passing mark is 15. Candidate must score 10 out of 30 marks in creative section. Similarly 5 marks out of 15 in multiple choice and 8 marks out of 25 in practical. Now the subject which gets 36-45 marks will be considered as A+. Thus 31-35 is graded as A, 27-34 is graded as A-, 22-26 is graded as B. But getting less than 15 in any subject will be considered as fail.

SSC Result Board Challenge:

If you are not satisfied with your results or fail you can apply to the Education Board. Apply for results by sending a message from mobile and paying the prescribed payment. After making such an application, many people’s results change, and many others don’t.

Even if a candidate misses a grade for a small mark, it is given to him. Many feel that the number is likely to drop if the board challenges it. Actually there is no such possibility. Either your number will increase or remain unchanged but it will never decrease. If you have a teletalk sim then you can easily challenge the board.

The SIM needs to be recharged first as there is a fixed application fee. After that SMS should be sent following the correct rules. After sending it you need to wait some time. If the result changes then you will be informed through SMS.

Hopefully, you have learned enough information about SSC result 2023 from this post. Although the post is a bit long, it probably covers all the information regarding this. If you have appeared in the 2023 exam then wait just a few more days for the result. Various methods of viewing results are described here. Follow it yourself and share it with others too.


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