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SSC Business Entrepreneurship Question Solution 2022 of MCQ

Are you looking for SSC Business Entrepreneurship question solution of the year 2022? Well, we got you covered. The Exam Was held on 23 November 2022 from the Business group studies and the last exam of SSC Examination 2022

If you can’t find the answer to the SSC Business Entrepreneurship question then you have come to the right place.  In 23th November the entrepreneurship exam of SSC, has ended. It is always necessary to check the answers to see if your answers are right or not. So, our expert team has solved the question paper for you.

SSC Business Entrepreneurship Question 2022

Business entrepreneurship is important not only for business students and also for science students. SSC science students have to compulsorily take this subject. However, this subject is not that difficult.

All you need to do is solve previous years question. So, if you are a examinee who will sit in the exam next year then look through the article to find out the solution of the business entrepreneurship exam this year.

Business Entrepreneurship Question Highlights

  • Total Mark: 100
  • MCQ: 30
  • Creative: 70

SSC Business Entrepreneurship MCQ Question Solution 201

MCQ is an important part of the exam. You can easily gain a lot of number if you make give the MCQ exam properly.  In Business Entrepreneurship exam have 30 marks in MCQ. If you have properly prepared in this subject then you can easily get 30 out of 30.

However, even in MCQ section there are some analytical questions. If you have given exam this year then you must be wondering what is the answer to those questions. Well, we have solved the MCQ question so that you can analyze if your answer were correct or not.

SSC Business Entrepreneurship Question Solution All Board

Do you know there are 9 education boards in Bangladesh? Well, there is. Each board contain a few townships.

And each education board has their different set of question. So naturally the answers are different too. Generally, they don’t match with each other. So, you need to know all the education board’s answers if you are a future examinee. That is why we will discuss all the nine board’s answers. Make sure to look through them attentively and prepare yourself.

If you have given exam this year, you can find your board’s question and their answer down below.

Our experts have spent much time and effort to come up with these answers. So go through them and match them with the answers that you have given.

SSC Business Entrepreneurship Question Solution PDF

We have already discussed both the MCQ and Creative answers of the SSC business Entrepreneurship question in the above sections.

We have analysed all the boards questions. You will find all the answers in the PDF format. Make sure to download then so that you don’t loose them.

SSC Business Entrepreneurship Creative Question Solution

In Business Entrepreneurship exam, you don’t have any practical section. So, there is a huge mark to be gained here. The total mark is 70 and you need to answer 7 set of question.

Each question has 4 sub questions. These 4 questions have certain key point that you must incorporate in your answer. If you do then you can earn maximum 9 and if the examiner is kind enough then even 10 out of 10.

Do you want to find out if you have put these points in your answers? Then read the answers we have given bellow.

I hope you have found our SSC Business Entrepreneurship question solution for all boards helpful. We have carefully analyzed the questions carefully. Our solution will help all the future examinee and give a sense of relief to the current ones.


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