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RU Eligible List 2024 – Primary Selected Candidate Result

RU Eligible List 2024 can be download through RU A Unit, B Unit, C Unit Result PDF 2024 Will Found Here. Only Selected Candidates will Able to seat in Admission test. Rajshahi University Selected Candidate Result 2023-24 Will be Published Soon. So, when RU Result 2023 PDF of A, B, C Unit Will published, you can download from here.

Rajshahi University (RU) is situated on the north side of Rajshahi City. It’s the second-largest public university in Bangladesh. Every year thousands of students apply for the admission test. After all, who wants to miss the chance of studying at one of the top-ranked universities of Bangladesh? However, only a few could pass the exam. Nothing can be frightened, though. If you are taking hardcore preparation to get into the university of Rajshahi, you might get through all the hardships very easily.

RU Eligible List 2024

The interested applicants should be the passing students of the HSC examination 2023. No second-time applicants will be allowed in the admission tests. Furthermore, only 72000 applicants will be selected for each unit from the primary application process. They will be notified of their primary selection news through the official website of Rajshahi University. The primary admission submission process of RU will be accepted by the 8 to 17 January 2024.

The Rajshahi University Eligible List 2024 Will Published Soon.

বিভিন্ন পর্যায়ে চূড়ান্ত আবেদনের সময়সূচী
1st Phase: 26-01-2024 to 29-01-2024
2nd Phase: 01-02-2024 to 03-02-2024
3rd Phase: 06-02-2024 to 07-02-2024
4th Phase: 10-02-2024 to 11-02-2024
বি: দ্র: চারটি পর্যায়ে চূড়ান্ত আবেদন গ্রহণ করা হবে। যে কোন পর্যায়ের জন্য নির্বাচিত প্রার্থীকে অবশ্যই সেই পর্যায়ের নির্ধারিত সময়ের মধ্যে আবেদন সম্পন্ন করতে হবে। পরবর্তীতে আবেদনের আর কোন সুযোগ থাকবে না।

 Rajshahi University Eligible list

Here are a few simple steps to check the Rajshahi University eligible list.

  • Go to
  • You will get the admission notice at the top section of the page.
  • Click Admission Result Button
  • Enter Your Information and Get Result
Unit Name: *
Exam Roll: *
  • A Unit Result and Notice
  • B Unit Result and Notice
  • C Unit Result and Notice

This top-ranked public university of Bangladesh will announce the admit card download date after the final application submission is completed. The final selection process will be continued till the May, 2023.

How The RU Admission Result Will Be Published?

The key issue now is how to build a list. Consequently, we have obtained from the officials details to assess the Merit List Result by the Admission test

As mentioned earlier, the seat plan has been made for a total of 1 lac 35 thousand students. Only 45 thousand students from the admission applicants can sit for the final test. Each student has the liberty to apply to their desired faculty. The faculties are generally divided into 3 units.

Unit-A is for the faculty of arts, law, and social science subject list.

Unit-B is for the faculty of business studies subject list.

Unit-C is for the faculty of biology, science, and engineering subject list.

You can also apply for the Rajshahi University’s faculty of agriculture after you get selected for admission.

Since the list of applicants is comprehensive, selecting the candidates is difficult. They will also meet the certificate of secondary school and the results of high secondary certificates. This ensures that students with a good performance will take the opportunity for the admission exam. The University is then going to adopt the Wise Quota Unit. Hope you Find the RU Admission eligible Candidates list 2024.


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