Dhaka Metro Rail Permanent Card Registration: How To Apply

Dhaka Metro Rail Ticket Can Purchase in Two ways. one is Single Journey Ticket and and multiple-use. Passengers can also pay the Metro Rail Ticket Price With Rapid Pass (Smart Card), Issued by DTCA. You can travel in Dhaka Metro Rail through two types of tickets. In the case of a single ticket you need to purchase the ticket each time during the journey. But with a Permanent card you can get some special benefits. In order to get this permanent ticket you have to go through some prescribed process. In today’s article, you will learn about Dhaka Metro Rail Permanent Card Registration.

In case of multiple-use cards, passengers have to register for those for Tk 200, and the cards can be used for 10 years. Cards will be available at the metro rail stations in the beginning and the authorities concerned have taken initiative to appoint several firms to sell cards outside the stations. The price of a 10-year permanent card is Tk 200 and it will require adequate recharge to avail the service.

One of the many advantages of Metro Rail is that you can repeatedly travel with the same ticket. You can even exit the station without depositing any ticket at the station door. After a fixed period, you can use the card by recharging it. The process of getting a single ticket is quite simple. But to get the permanent ticket, you need to know the correct process. However, learn how to register a permanent ticket from the discussion below.

Dhaka Metro Rail:

Dhaka metro rail was a dream of people for a long time. Everyone wanted to see Dhaka as a modern city. Although Dhaka is modern enough, it still lacks metro rail which has been filled by the current government. Now Dhaka is like other modern cities of the world as people are getting the benefit of metro rail to move from one place to another.

You may know that Dhaka is one of the busiest cities in the world and is ahead of other cities in terms of traffic congestion. People living in Dhaka suffer a lot in moving from one place to another as the roads are heavily jammed. Some vehicles also ply through the flyover, but most of the time, they have to face jams for sure to go to the official court or school college.

Metro Rail is expected to end this suffering of people as people will be able to travel to their daily destinations at an affordable cost. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated this special train on 28 December 2022, in which she travelled as the first passenger. But he travelled by purchasing tickets like ordinary passengers.

What is Metro Rail Smart Card / Rapid Pass?

You can buy tickets from every metro rail station. However, know in advance that you have to choose between two types of tickets to travel on the metro. Those purchasing single tickets must purchase for each journey. But if you are using a permanent ticket then there is no need to buy a ticket every time.

You must register to get a permanent card. In this case, a binding link will be provided on the official website of DMTCL though it is not provided yet. It is known that the link will be available on the website from next Thursday. Passengers can register from the moment they get the link.

For this, passengers will need some information such as name, parent’s name, email id, national identity card number, mobile number etc. You can purchase from permanent card station staff or from machines. Passengers can purchase and register the card from December 29. But if you are using a single ticket then a National Identity Card is not required.

How to Apply for Metro Rail Card?

There are two types of cards you can purchase to travel on Metro Rail. Single card purchase does not require registration as you need to make a fresh purchase each time you travel. However, you must register to purchase a permanent card. Apply for registration in the proper manner. In this case a link is given on the official website of the authority and you have to complete the registration process from that link.

After entering the link you have to provide some information after filling them correctly and after payment the registration will be completed. You have to spend a total of bdt 400 for the permanent card. But if ever you lose this card then definitely complain to the staff of the station so that the card is not used illegally.

How to Registration?

For metro rail ticket registration you must visit DMTCL website. As it was launched on 28th December, it will provide the link for website registration from 29th December. Passengers can start registration from this day. You will enter a page by clicking on the website link. On this page you have to provide some information including your National Identity Card number.

This information must be given correctly. After providing all the information you will be asked to pay for the card. First you will be asked to pay a fee of Tk 200 and recharge Tk 200 to activate the card. After making the payment you can start using the card. But in case of this card you only need to recharge money but with this you can travel repeatedly.

How to Get Card?

Getting a metro rail ticket card is very easy. You can purchase and register the card from the people working at the station. Besides, you can complete the registration yourself from the machine. In this case, registration should be completed by selecting the options given on the screen of the machine correctly. However, the registration will not be completed until you pay the full amount.

As it is newly opened you have to go to the station for any need. However, the government will also appoint some establishments outside the stations that will sell the cards. Another advantage of the Permanent Card is that it comes with a 10-year validity, so once registered, you’re safe for a few years. Just recharge as needed.

End Note:

So you know from the above discussion how to register a metro rail permanent card. It is expected that the people of Dhaka will get a lot of benefits from the metro rail and breathe a sigh of relief as they suffer from traffic jams. Tickets will initially be available only at stations but will be more widely available later as more establishments are recruited to sell the cards.


Permanent cards are more convenient, which will save you from the hassle of buying a 10 year ticket. Purchase the card following the correct procedure.


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