Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2021 [22k সোনার দাম]

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today 2021. Gold prices fluctuate almost all the time. Since it is connected to the total reserve of gold in the international market, gold prices can go up and down depending on the stock in the market. So, you need to know the exact gold price in Bangladesh before you head to buy gold.

In this write-up, we will try to provide you with elaborate gold prices in different categories. This will help you have a complete idea of gold price in Bangladesh and keep in mind that prices can change over time. Let’s get started.

Gold Price in Bangladesh

Gold is a very precious metal. From ancient times, people are giving high value to this shiny metal. Gold was used for different purposes hundreds of years ago. But in modern days, gold is mostly used for making ornaments. People also use gold to decorate their belongings.

In our country, gold is commonly used to make pieces of jewelry for women. This is a very precious and prestigious ornament that every woman dreams to buy. But the gold price isn’t always the same as it varies with the international market.

As the total stock of gold is dependent on the amount extracted from mines, gold price varies from time to time. Due to the coronavirus situation worldwide, gold mines were closed for a long time. For this reason, the stock of gold was less than usual. This is one of the main reasons for gold prices going high.

New Gold Price for 2021

As the coronavirus situation has improved worldwide, the gold price is going down a little bit. According to the international price, Bangladesh Jewelers Samity has also decided to reconsider the gold price per vori in Bangladesh. According to the new price, you will get to buy gold of different categories at a lower price.

But as this situation might not sustain for long, it is suggested that you buy the quality of gold you desire around this time. We will provide a complete list of gold prices per vori for different categories so that you get a clear idea of the price.

Different Category Gold Price in Bangladesh

In our country, gold is mostly sold in three categories. Depending on the quality, golds are expressed as 18K, 21K, 22K, and 24K. 18K golds are the cheapest and 24K golds are the most expensive among all categories. So, the price of these categories also varies.

For your information, 1 vori of gold is equivalent to 11.664 grams. You can also buy gold in tola but we will publish the price in vori and grams so that you can easily convert them to your preferred unit.

  • 24K Gold Price in Bangladesh

As per the latest rate, you can buy 1 gram of 24K gold at 6,475 BDT. So, the price of 1 vori 24K gold will be 75,527 BDT according to the latest price. You need to add the remuneration per gram with this price when buying.

  • 22K Gold Price in Bangladesh

The latest price of 22K gold per gram in Bangladesh is 6,170 BDT. So, you need to spend 71,967 BDT per vori.

  • 21K Gold Price in Bangladesh

The price of 21K gold is a bit lower than that of the 22K Gold. You will get 1 gram of 21K gold at 5,900 BDT so it sums up to 68,817 BDT for 1 vori. This is the latest price for 21K gold.

  • 18K Gold Price in Bangladesh

The price of 18K gold is the lowest among all the types. You will get 1 gram of 18K gold in only 5,150 BDT and 1 vori of gold at 60,068 BDT as per the latest price.

Used Gold Price in Bangladesh

Under this category, you can buy all four types of gold upon availability. Used gold prices will be 15-20% lower than the original price. But the price can vary depending on the seller. If you sell used gold to the same seller you have bought the gold from, you will get 2-3% more.

  • 24K Used Gold Price

If you are up to sell used gold of 24K, you will get almost 15% less than the actual price. Though the selling price can vary depending on the seller, it will not go beyond 20%.

  • 22K Used Gold Price

While selling 22K gold, price will be cut off by around 15-20% which is usual. But if you sell it to the same shop from where you bought it, you might get a good concession. Check on that.

  • 21K Used Gold Price

21K gold is the mostly sold category when it comes to used gold. You can get up to 80% of the actual price when selling 21K used gold.

  • 18K Used Gold Price

This is the cheapest category even for new gold. But as this is used gold, you will get to sell at almost 20% lower price. Check the new 18K gold price to have an idea of the price of used gold.

1 Vori Gold Price in Bangladesh 2021

We again remind you that this price list can be updated by Bangladesh Jewelers Samity from time to time depending on the market condition. But here is the latest update about the gold price in Bangladesh in 2021. Take a look at the prices.

No.QualityPrice Per Gram

Final Word

Hope you have found the latest gold price in Bangladesh and will be able to make the right decision to buy any of these types as your requirement. Don’t forget to follow us for all the latest updates about the gold price.


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