FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule & Fixtures in Bangladesh Time

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule & Fixtures in Bangladesh Time. The World Largest Sports Event Mens’ FIFA World Cup 2022 Has Started on 20 November 2022. Bangladesh Football Fans are eagerly Wait for Every Match of World Cup 2022 to Watch. So, they want to know every Match Starting Time in Their time zone. We have come up with the Men’s FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule & Fixtures, Date and Result in Bangladesh Time. All Match Starting Time are given here in Bangladesh Standard Time Zone (BST). Watch Brazil vs Serbia Free Live Stream.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule in Bangladesh Time

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule & Fixtures in Bangladesh Time. So, let’s Check the World Cup 2022 Schedule and Timing in Bangladesh Time from November 20 to December 18.

Brazil Matches in Bangladesh Time

  • 25-Nov-22: Brazil vs Serbia   at 1:00 AM in Lusail Stadium
  • 28-Nov-22: Brazil vs Switzerland at 10:00 PM in Education City Stadium
  • 03-Dec-22: Brazil vs Cameroon at 1:00 AM in Lusail Stadium

Argentina Matches in Bangladesh Time

  • 22-Nov-22: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia at 4:00 PM in Lusail Stadium
  • 27-Nov-22: Argentina vs Mexico at 1:00 AM in Education City Stadium
  • 01-Dec-22: Argentina vs Poland at 1:00 AM in Lusail Stadium

Full Fixtures of FIFA World Cup 2022

Group Stage: First Round (Round of 32)

Date Team Time
20 November Qatar vs Ecuador  10:00 PM
21 November England vs Iran  7:00 PM
21 November Senegal vs Netherlands 10:00 PM
22 November USA vs Wales 1:00 AM
22 November Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Live 4:00 PM
22 November Denmark vs Tunisia 7:00 PM
22 November Mexico vs Poland 10:00 PM
23 November France vs Australia 1:00 AM
23 November Morocco vs Croatia  4:00 PM
23 November Belgium vs Canada 7:00 PM
23 November Germany vs Japan  7:00 PM
23 November Spain vs Costa Rica 10:00 PM
24 November Switzerland vs Cameroon 4:00 PM
24 November Uruguay vs South Korea  7:00 PM
24 November Portugal vs Ghana  10:00 PM
25 November Brazil vs Serbia 1:00 AM
25 November Wales vs Iran 4:00 PM
25 November Qatar vs Senegal 7:00 PM
25 November Netherlands vs Ecuador 10:00 PM
Date Team Time
26 November England vs USA 1:00 AM
26 November Tunisia vs Australia 4:00 PM
26 November Poland vs Saudi Arabia 7:00 PM
26 November France vs Denmark 10:00 PM
27 November Argentina vs Mexico 1:00 AM
27 November Japan vs Costa Rica 4:00 PM
27 November Belgium vs Morocco 7:00 PM
27 November Croatia vs Canada 10:00 PM
28 November Spain vs Germany 1:00 AM
28 November Cameroon vs Serbia 4:00 PM
28 November South Korea vs Ghana 7:00 PM
28 November Brazil vs Switzerland 10:00 PM
29 November Portugal vs Uruguay 1:00 AM
29 November Netherlands vs Qatar 9:00 PM
29 November Ecuador vs Senegal 9:00 PM
Date Team Time
30 November Wales vs England 1:00 AM
30 November Iran vs USA 1:00 AM
30 November Australia vs Denmark 9:00 PM
30 November Tunisia vs France 9:00 PM
1 November Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 1:00 AM
1 November Poland vs Argentina 1:00 AM
1 December Croatia vs Belgium 9:00 PM
1 December Canada vs Morocco 9:00 PM
2 December Japan vs Spain 1:00 AM
2 December Costa Rica vs Germany 1:00 AM
2 December Ghana vs Uruguay 9:00 PM
2 December South Korea vs Portugal 9:00 PM
3 December Serbia vs Switzerland 1:00 AM
3 December Cameroon vs Brazil  1:00 AM

Second Round ( Round of 16 – Knock Out)

Date Fixtures Time
03-Dec-22 1A vs 2B 9:00 PM
04-Dec-22 1C vs 2D 1:00 AM
05-Dec-22 1B vs 2A 1:00 AM
04-Dec-22 1D vs 2C 9:00 PM
05-Dec-22 1E vs 2F 9:00 PM
06-Dec-22 1G vs 2H 1:00 AM
06-Dec-22 1F vs 2E 9:00 PM
07-Dec-22 1H vs 2G 1:00 AM

Quarter Finals Match Schedule

Date Fixtures Time
10-Dec-22 W49 vs W50 1:00 AM
09-Dec-22 W53 vs W54 9:00 PM
11-Dec-22 W51 vs W52 1:00 AM
10-Dec-22 W55 vs W56 9:00 PM

Semi Finals

Date Fixtures Time
14-Dec-22 W57 vs W58 1:00 AM
15-Dec-22 W59 vs W60 1:00 AM

Third Place Match

Match Date Fixtures Time
63 17-Dec-22 L61 vs L62 9:00 PM

Final Match

Match Date Fixtures Time Venue
64 18-Dec-22 W61 vs W62 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium

Where is the FIFA World Cup 2022 happening?

The World Cup is being held in Qatar. It is the first time a Middle Eastern country is hosting a World Cup.

When will the FIFA World Cup 2022 start?

The tournament will begin on November 20. Also, the first match features Qatar and Ecuador.

How many teams are there in the FIFA World Cup 2022? 

The event has 32 nations participating. There will be 64 matches in 29 days.

Where can you watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Bangladesh?

Viewers can watch the live telecast of the World Cup matches on GTV, BTV and T-sports, They can also watch the Live Streaming on Toffee apps and Website.

So, you can easily get the FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule from here. As it is one of the best events for the football lovers, everyone will look for the FIFA 2022 World Cup Schedule and fixture for every single date as per the Bangladesh Time.


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