Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2022 16th Week

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2022 of 16th Week Has been Published. ICT is the most excited Subject to New Generation Students. Dear Students, you already get 6th week assignment 2022 For  Class 9. Authority give you couple of subject assignment task, ICT Subject one of Them. That’s why we also answered the Class 9 ICT assignment very quickly. Which you can now view, download and write.

Class 9 ICT Assignment 2022

Most of Students  Find Easy subject while talking about ICT. But, some of Students get terrifying and the reason is for They do not spend much time for this Subject.

However, through this post you will get a unique sample ICT Question Assignment Answer 2022 for 16th Week. At last we will also make it saying that never miss the link of class 9 ICT assignment download page before getting out.

What is ICT?
ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. So when we analyze ICT, we find two types of components-

  1. Information Technology.
  2. Communication Technology.

16th Week Class 9 ICT Assignment 2022 Answer

ICT Subject is very important for class 9 students. Many students do not understand ICT subjects very much. And we know that recently class nine students have been the most affected by the coronavirus. So to make up for this loss, the Ministry of Education has instructed to make assignments for students in class nine.

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2022 6th Week

১। ‘বর্তমানে কোভিড-১৯ উদ্ভূত পরিস্থিতিতে শিক্ষা কার্যক্রম চলমান রাখায় ই-লার্নিং এর ভূমিকা’ বিষয়ক ২৫০ শব্দের মধ্যে একটি প্রতিবেদন তৈরি কর।

বর্তমান আধুনিক বিশ্বায়নের যুগে তথ্যপ্রযুক্তি ভূমিকা অনস্বীকার্য। বর্তমান বিশ্বের দিকে তাকালেই বুঝতে পারা যায় যে আধুনিক তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি কতটা গভীরভাবে জড়িয়ে আছে।

Check Full Answer: ই-লার্নিং এর ভূমিকা’ বিষয়ক ২৫০ শব্দের মধ্যে একটি প্রতিবেদন

So, you can download the Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2022 from website. Follow the direct links to download various educational institutions ‘ published question papers with practice papers along with previous paper Pdf, and Assignment Exam material download.


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