Online Birth Certificate Check (জন্ম নিবন্ধন)

Online Birth Certificate Check by In this Digitized world you can easily do a Birth certificate check online. Even five years back we couldn’t think of this process. But now we can. Birth certificate is the first official document of being a countries citizen. So, it needs to be free of any sort of error. In many officials works you would need to show this document.

Before we had to go lengths and bound to correct any sort of mistakes. But now even before getting the hard copy of the document form the authority you can check the online copy and if there is any mistake you can easily correct it and even download the PDF copy.  No need to go to the hassle of frequently visiting the government office.   So, in this article I will go through all the processes to help you in this regard.

Online Birth Certificate Check

Before turning 18 and getting the national ID card this birth certificate is the only document that proves your nationality. Even in school admission birth certificate plays a vital Role. School authority will note down your personal information from this document so if there is any error on the first instance and you don’t correct eat then that error will remain in your school certificate. So, you need to properly check your kid’s birth certificate before applying anywhere.

That is to say, you need to check for any error or status of your document. If it is ready and there is no prominent mistake you can download it form online too. All you need is a digital device that can access the internet.

Note: Make sure to carefully preserve your application ID. Whether it was done online or offline.

This is how you can easily access your birth certificate online:

  • First go to your browser search box and type
  • After visiting the website, you need to give some necessary information. In the first drop down box select “ জন্ম নিবন্ধন আবেদন”
  • Then, write down your application ID.
  • After that type your birth date.
  • Finally, you will be able to see the status of your birth certificate.
Birth Registration Check
Birth Registration Check

Birth Certificate Verification

Are you confused if your documents are authentic? Well, in analog world we used to have a very hard time to verify it. But now, thanks to the digital world anyone can verify their existing birth certificate.

You can easily verify whether the chairman of your locality has given you an authentic document or a false one. Even any authority who has taken any person’s birth certificate for any official work can use this process and verify that person’s birth certificate document.  Before that, Make sure the registration number is properly incorporated in the certificate.

Birth Certificate Verification
Birth Certificate Verification

Here is how you can do it:

  • First, open your preferred browser in your computer or smartphone and go to the website
  • In the first page you need to provide your birth certificate registration number.
  • Now, in the second box provide your date of birth in the show format.
  • After that answer the mathematical question to prove that you are not a robot and press search.
  • If all your information is correctly given, you will get your online copy of the birth certificate. Carefully go through your information there.
  • If you find any error you can I.e., in name or if in recent years there has come any significant change in your personal info I.e., marital status, you can apply for that change to the authority.

How to Download Birth Certificate

Birth certificate is one of the most essential documents of recent time. From any digital device you can now easily check and download your birth certificate copy and you can use it for any work. In this modern era, it has become really easy for anyone to check and download their or anyone else’s birth certificate if they have the necessary information.

Let me guide you to the process of how you can access your own or your loved one’s birth certificate:

  • First go to your browser and type
  • Now put the necessary information like we have discussed before.
  • After that, you will be transferred to your birth certificate’s online copy.
  • If you have made any application to make any changes, check if that change has been made.
  • Now, if you are satisfied with all the information, you can finally download it.
  • Down below you will find and download option. Press on that option.
  • The PDF copy will be downloaded in your prescribed folder.

I hope after reading our detailed instruction, you now know how you can easily access your birth certificate online.  However, be careful not to give your information to any unknown people. Better do it on your own. And to help you with that we have we have formed this article.


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