Alim Assignment 2022 Answer PDF All Week Subjects

Alim Assignment 2022 17th and 18th Week has been Published for this year Madrasah Board Examination. DME Published Alim Assignment 2022. So, if You are students of Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, They you have to complete Assignment task. As you see in the title, our today’s discussion is about Alim assignment Answer 2022 answer. In line with the decision of the govt of evaluating students at every level through assignments, Alim assignments have been declared. Students of all madrasahs who are in this class need to submit the assignment right on time.

According to the Authority, these assignments have been prepared in accordance with the short syllabus prepared for the 2022 Alim examinees. In the first phase, assignments in Bengali, English, Physics, Accounting, Politics, Economics and Logic will be given. Softcopies and hardcopies of weekly assignment grids have been prepared including E-assessment Rubix. Accordingly, principals and superintendents of all madrasas have been asked to conduct assignment activities.

Alim Assignment 2022

To help students pursuing their assignments, here is the 1st week answer to Alim assignment 2022. Let’s see what you will get here and how you can use these solutions.

The assignment is an ongoing process that started last year due to the coronavirus situation when all educational institutions were shut down. All of them are still closed and there is no alternative to the assignment for evaluating the progress of the students. This is an effective solution to keep students busy in their studies so they don’t fall behind.

Alim Assignment Answer 2022

Not everyone is capable of completing the tasks of the assignment due to a lack of guidance. Also, the merit level isn’t the same for all the students. We decided to help everyone with a well-tailored solution to all the assignments in the 1st week.

It is learned that a short syllabus has already been published for the Alim examinees of 2022. After the situation in Corona becomes normal, the students will be given Alim test for 180 days.

Alim All Week Assignment

If you still don’t have any clue about the tasks in the 1st week, take a glance at the following image to find out what you have to do. Then you can find the right solution accordingly in the following sections.

Alim Quran Majid Assignment 2022

To write the answer to your quran Majid assignment for this week, take the help of this solution below. Click on the image to download the solution and then use the solution to write your assignment correctly and on time.

Alim Hadith Subject Assignment 2022

Hadith Subject teaches us a lot about our rights and duties as a Muslim of the country. So, you need to be very attentive while preparing the Civics assignment for this week. Here is the solution to the Civics assignment that you can download in a few clicks.

Alim Physics Assignment 2022

Physics is one of the most crucial subjects in terms of understanding. If you don’t have a good understanding of the topics, the subject might seem very difficult. To solve your issues, download the solution to the Physics assignment from here.

Alim Economics Assignment 2022

Economics is a core subject that is regulating today’s world. So, it should be treated with utmost care and attention. To complete your assignment, you can download the solution to the Economics assignment from here.

What to Do for Assignment Tasks?

Once you get the assignments, you need to complete all the tasks and submit the answer sheet to your teacher within one week. At the end of the week, you will get instructions for the next week’s assignments. Make sure you complete all the tasks correctly and within the deadline.

Final Word

We are glad you have found Alim assignment 2022 and the 1st week answer here altogether. This will save a lot of your time and help you focus on completing the assignments.


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