26 March Ki Dibos? Why and How to Celebrate Shadhinota Dibosh

Every year on 26 March, the people of Bangladesh celebrate Independence day. There is a sad history behind The Independence Day of Bangladesh. We celebrate 26 March as a holiday every year. Also, so many actions we do on this day to show respect to our Freedom Fighters who had sacrificed their lives on this day to make Bangladesh Independent from the torture of Pakistan. If you want to learn about Bangladesh Independence Day, you must pay full attention and read the article patiently.

26 March Ki Dibos?

26 March is the Independence Day of Bangladesh and Official holiday. Because on this day, we celebrate our Shadhinota Dibosh. In 1971, Bangladesh separated from Pakistan and emerged as an independent nation on this day. The marking of the Declaration of Independence on March 25, 1971, denoted the finish of a long struggle with West Pakistan’s decision system.

Why 26 March is Independence Day of Bangladesh:

The then-West Pakistan government assaulted the innocent people of East Pakistan late at night on March 25, 1971. In Dhaka, shelling was carried out at various places, women were brutally tortured in many places, and there were systematic killings in many areas. Pakistani intrusion powers captured Sheik Mujibur Rahman on March 25, 1971.

He marked the Bangladesh Declaration of Independence in no time before his capture, soon after midnight on March 25, and in the long early stretches of March 26. On March 26, Belal Mohammad, Abul Qasim, and a few officials of the Chittagong Radio Station and local Awami League leader M. A. Hannan first miked sheik Mujib’s declaration of independence.

Why do we celebrate 26 March in Bangladesh?

The Pakistan Army declared “Activity Searchlight” on March 25, 1971, a tactical Bengali slaughter activity, with around 3,000,000 Bengalis slaughtered indiscriminately. Finally, on March 26th, Sheik Mujibur Rahman reported East Pakistan’s autonomy from West Pakistan. The account, tragically, didn’t end there. A freedom fight seethed between the two locales for a considerable time after that day, with many individuals passing on.

On December 16, 1971, the battle, known as the “Bangladesh War of Independence,” arrived at a resolution. Pakistan at last surrendered. We celebrate 26 March in Bangladesh because our Shadhinota Dibosh was declared today. Hearing the declaration of Independence Day, our freedom fighters started to fight against Pakistani major. A lot of our Freedom Fighters had sacrificed their lives in this war. We celebrate this day to remember their sacrifices and show respect to them.

26 March – Independence Day of Bangladesh

That’s all about The Independence Day of Bangladesh. I hope you enjoy reading the article. Independence festivities in Bangladesh are set apart by marches, talks, fairs, and stately exercises celebrating the nation’s freedom. A 31 weapon salute is shot in the first part of the day. To pay tribute to Independence Day, TV and radio broadcast exceptional projects and enthusiastic melodies on this day. Public banners enhance the primary lanes. Different ideological groups and social associations hold occasions to recognize the day, remembering offering recognition at the National Martyrs’ Memorial for Savar, close to Dhaka.


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