Step DTE 4 Years Diploma In Engineering Admission 2014

DTE has invited application for admission into 4 year long Diploma in Engineering Course under Skills and Training Enhancement Program. This program is under direct supervision of Ministry of Education. STEP is financed by Bangladesh Government and World Bank. STEP DTE 4 Year Diploma In Engineering Course Admission Circular 2014 For Session 2014-2015.

93 Govt. and Private technical institutes are ready to admit students to make them world class Diploma Engineer. 43 are Govt. Institute and 50 are Private Institute.

How to Apply:

Contact Nearby Polytechnic Institute for Your Admission


  1. At least 50% of the applicants will receive a monthly stipend of BDT. 800/-.
  2. After Complete Course. Successful Student Will get jobs With 6 Months
  3. All Women Application Will Receive a monthly Stipend of BDT 800/-

For More Details See Below Circular

Following institutes are selected by Directorate of Technical Education for Skill and Training Enhancement Program:

List of Polytechnic Institute Selected for Stipend (93 Institutes)
Sl.No.Name of the InstituteMobile/ Phone NumberE-mail Address
Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute01714558001, 056161400[email protected]
Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute053165573, 01193076800[email protected]
Rangpur Polytechnic Institute0521-63513, 01718003590[email protected]
Kurigram Polytechnic Institute01712135055, 058161688[email protected]
Bogra Polytechnic Institute051-66152, 01711387068[email protected]
Naogaon Polytechnic Institute01915566804[email protected]
Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute01919416534, 0721-761977[email protected]
Rajshahi Mohila Polytechnic Institute01711262328, 0721-861344[email protected]
Sirajgonj Polytechnic Institute0751-64286, 01558348246[email protected]
Pabna Polytechnic Institute01711072486[email protected]
Kushtia Polytechnic Institute01752025872[email protected]
Jhenaidhah Polytechnic Institute0451-61385, 01556304682[email protected]
Satkhira Polytechnic Institute0471-65170, 01711940279[email protected]
Jessore Polytechnic Institute01917491474, 0421-73436[email protected]
Khulna Polytechnic Institute041-762352, 01712132630[email protected]
Khulna Mohila Polytechnic Institute0171900011, 0412850092[email protected]
Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute01710788199, 014162345[email protected]
Bhola Polytechnic Institute01190964071, 01727456210[email protected]
Barishal Polytechnic Institute01552448951, 01812151559, 0431-53184[email protected]
Shariatpur Polytechnic Institute01911328640[email protected]
Gopalgong Polytechnic Institute01718-439497[email protected]
Faridpur Polytechnic Institute01818-569450, 0631-63598[email protected]
Bangladesh Institute of Glass and Ceramics01716237252, 9110319[email protected], [email protected]
Graphic arts and Institute9113896, 01819479644, 01552477332[email protected]
Mohila Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka01712135055, 9114013[email protected]
Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka01727317363, 9116724[email protected]; [email protected]
Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology, Narayangonj02-7881119, 01731394202[email protected]
Norshingdi Polytechnic Institute0171172191, 02-9451662[email protected]
Tangail Polytechnic Institute0921-53237, 01552464470[email protected]
Sherpur Polytechnic Institute01711-193503[email protected], [email protected]
Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute01718-353745, 09154294[email protected]
Sylhet Polytechnic Institute0821-716372, 01746494392[email protected]
Hobigonj Polytechnic Institute01715-747546, 083162320[email protected], [email protected]
B-Baria Polytechnic Institute01816500544[email protected]
Comilla Polytechnic Institute01556361523, 01748664493[email protected]
Bangladesh Survey Institute, Comilla01718-538327bangladeshsurve
[email protected]
Chandpur Polytechnic Institute01715-810650[email protected]
Lakhmipur Polytechnic Institute01715375613, 01712029381[email protected]
Feni Polytechnic Institute0331-74030, 01921594224,
[email protected]
Chittagaong Polytechnic Institute031-683538, 01712770805[email protected]
Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute01818110046[email protected]
Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute0352956251, 01716314779[email protected]
Cox’s Bazar Polytechnic Institute034163388, 01712-000199[email protected]
Ulipur Science and Technology Institute, Kurigram01711220206, 0582-956188[email protected]
Bogra Technological Institute, Bogra01711190701[email protected], [email protected]
Bangladesh Institute of Information Technology, Bogra01711387069[email protected]
North-Bengle Institute of Technology, Bogra01712101252[email protected]
Computer Science and Business Studies Institute, Bogra01711184451, 051-60595[email protected]
Institute of Information Technology, Bogra01711-869250, 051-64550, 01714-004113[email protected]
TMSS Technical Institute, Bogra051-78975, 01713377133[email protected]
Science Research and Technology College, Rajshahi01712192347, 01711205877[email protected]
Bangladesh Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi01711023737[email protected]
The North Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi01721860648, 01558863966[email protected], [email protected]
Puthia Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi01713727482[email protected]
Mir Samsul Islam Polytechnic Institute, Chuadanga01714591856[email protected]
Deshari Institute of Science & Engineering, Jhenidah01718296665[email protected]
Model Polytechnic Institute, Jessore01913-916065, 0421-67855, 01711-242267[email protected]
City Polytechnic Institute, Khulna01711-018623[email protected]
Khanjahan Ali College of Science & Technology, Khulna01712586881[email protected]
Khulna Technical & Engineering College, Khulna01711950075[email protected]
Mangrove Institute of Science & Technology, Khulna041-860184, 01819695787, 0818242007[email protected]
Sakina Azher Technical College, Bagerhat01819069306[email protected]
Infra Polytechnic Institute, Barisal0431-2175391[email protected]
Barisal Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Barisal01712728055[email protected]
65Gopalgonj Model Polytechnic Institute01913376449[email protected]
Bangladesh Computer and Management Institute, Faridpur063165907, 01711197534[email protected]
Grassroots College of Technology, Faridpur01715-097829[email protected]
National Polytechnic Institute, Faridpur01716195328[email protected]
Institute of Science Trade and Technology, Dhaka8056508, 8056302, 01711-534690, 01552-312327[email protected], [email protected]
Ideal Institute of Science and Technology, Dhaka8128556, 9112316, 01819220091[email protected]
Rajdhani Polytechnic and Textile College, Dhaka01715-697836, 01911-250061[email protected]
Uttara Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka8920926, 01552-352160[email protected]
Shyamoli Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka02-9143286, 01711529418, 01712500246[email protected]
Institute of Science and Information Technology, Dhaka189464, 01720119184[email protected]
BCI Engineering Institute, Dhaka01819231677[email protected]
Islamic Bank Institute of Technology, Dhaka8124576, 01711242104[email protected]
Micro Institute of Technology, Dhaka01917616595[email protected]
National Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka9145246[email protected]
SAIC Institute of Management & Technology, Dhaka028033034, 01715016193, 01936005816[email protected]
Model Institute of Science & Tech., Gazipur, Dhaka01712145412[email protected]; [email protected]
Royal Institute of Technology, Gazipur, Dhaka02-9204223[email protected]
Institute of Technical Vocational & Training (ITBET)9130508, 01715-008483[email protected]
83Haji Abul Hossain Institute of Technology, Tangail01712470752[email protected]
Mymensingh Institute of Science and Tech., Mymensingh09166545[email protected]
Madan Mohan College, Sylhet0821714343, 0821414343, 01712423604[email protected]
CCN Polytechnic Institute, Comilla01715-451599, 01718-358360, 01711-730792, 01712-732844[email protected]
Shyamoli Ideal Engineering College, Lakshamipur01716626136[email protected]
Noakhali Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Noakhali0321-63211, 01819-141171[email protected]
Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Feni01673442353, 01712876736[email protected]
National Institute of Technology, Chittagong01819379061[email protected]
Chittagong Technical College, Chittagong01819693987, 01919805028[email protected]
Dafodil Institute of IT, Chittagong031-6513554, 01713493257[email protected]
Shyamoli Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Chittagong031651739,

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